Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My New Garden - Paper Quill

I have wanted to do a paper quill picture for a long time now but never had the time to do one. Now I have found the time. We are renovating our home and I needed a nice picture for our downstairs bathroom so I decided on a garden picture. Paper quilling is rather an easy process, the most difficult part of the process is plotting out your picture and laying everything out. I bought a paper quiller from Michael's, basically it is a stick with a slit in the top of it for holding the strip of paper while rolling it. It certainly makes it easier to have. You can buy paper already cut for quilling or you can cut it yourself (which I did). You choose your colors and start cutting strips about 1/4" or less. Place one end of paper in the quiller and roll it to your desired shape. For the grass I used different colors of green rolled tightly so that it kept its shape, then I stretched out each strip and glued them in different directions that curled over one another. With a felt marker I made little marks on each strip to look more grass like. For dirt I rolled bigger balls of black and brown. After I had all the dirt and grass in place I painted a light layer of self-leveling gel to make the paper glossier and harder. For glueing I used glue from Stampin Up that I bought from my rep Nancy. I found a picture frame at Urban Barn for $28. It had to have enough room to hold the 3D picture, I believe it was called a display frame. It is fun and easy to make, if you give it a try drop me a line and let me know how it went for you.


Anonymous said...


I just love these paper quill flowers. I forgot just how creative you really are. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pieces with me. Jen Chute

Kelly's Artistic Journaling said...

Thanks Jen. I am much more creative than I ever used to be. Especially with my boys getting older and more independent. Much more time to do so.