Thursday, May 10, 2007

Exciting Tree Pages Entry

While going through other artist' journal pages I came across an entry that really intrigued me (because I am not organized and am forgetful I didn't record where I saw it - so if the person who made the 'tree journal entry' see's this entry please comment with your site address and I will be glad to post it. So, I went about creating my own tree journal entry. This was so cool.
First thing: I drew a picture of a tree with vines going over it and lot's of leaves. Secondly, I turned it over and drew another tree in a different style, this time with larger leaves and lot's of ladybugs. On the right side of the two trees I joined them together with a piece of small cardstock. I used a slot punch from "Stampin' up" and punched out three slots. In between two journal pages I joined the tree's to the pages by placing small strips of cardstock through the slots and glued the trees into my journal. Now that my tree's are bound into my journal I began to draw different tree's on each journal page - one entry is of a tree which is full of doors and multiple other things that represent my past, always changing, moving from house to house, an uprooted tree with no foundation to sink its roots into. The second journal entry, (which would be the fourth tree) is a tree that is solid and full, a tree nourished by the streams of living water by Jesus. What a creative process this was for me. I enjoyed every minute, every detail. If you try this, please send me a comment and let me know how you liked it.

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