Saturday, May 5, 2007

For Nancy

A year ago yesterday my bestfriend Nancy's Daddy passed away. I did this page for her when she was engulfed with so much grief. My mind was thinking about her and my heart was so sad for her yesterday. I know what she is going through and it is a pain that is so deep and a longing to see the one's we've lost, to be with them, to just have even one more minute with them to say, "I love you". I prayed for her and her Mom that they could seek comfort in each other's arms and that somehow Jesus would surround them with His arms and bring them peace. I know that Jesus has filled the holes that have opened because of the loss of my Father when I was 22, I pray this for Nancy and Bev, and for all of Nancy's family too. For me it has been 14 years and the pain will never go away, but the thought, no the hope and the peace in knowing that one day I will see my Dad again in Heaven is so wonderful. I will never lose him completely. People are on loan to us, for they do not belong to us but to God. We need to think of the times that we had with them while they were with us, the good memories we shared, the laughter, the funny quarks they had, the bonds that were made. I drew a gerber daisy on this page because it so reminds me of my friend Nancy, her love for her father, the vibrant colors of the love she shared with her father. God please give her and her mother peace and discover the joy that only you alone can bring. Amen

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Nancy said...

Thank you Kelly....