Sunday, May 13, 2007

Inspiration From Other Craft Sources

Stampin' up is an excellent source for inspiration. I like to draw different things that interest me within their catalogues. They were getting new catalogues every year though now I believe they are changing over to new catalogues twice per year. My Stampin'up representative is my girlfriend Nancy - she has been an awesome inspiration to me, she is so knowledgeable when it comes to card making and stamping, in fact most of the stuff I have learned in those regards I have learned from her. You can reach her blog by going to the link in my 'Cool links' Nancy's Creative Mess. Take a look at her talented blog.
I got inspiration for this journal entry from the stampin'up borders page - I also added borders from my own imagination. I love to doodle so this is a great way to learn to doodle (I usually do it while watching one of my 'chick-flicks'.
When I was a young girl I learned to draw by looking at little stickers and then drawing them, from there I went to bigger items 'still life drawing'. Then magazines etc., Drawing is an easy process if you start small then go big. If you have the desire to learn you can pretty much learn anything you want.

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