Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Journaling Some of Your Passions

I find when I start a new entry, many times I will begin to draw trees. Obviously it is a passion of mine. I am in awe at the root system of any tree, how it grows beneath the surface seeking out moisture, how it is nourished and grows into such and amazing creation of nature, God's creation. It amazes me how many different trees there are and how unique each one is. I am learning about different kinds of wood as I begin the process of understanding wood carving and as I learn I am seeing the different places in the world the tree's grow and flourish, how they are cut down and used. I am learning about the different grains and ages of trees. All of it, I am just soaking it in. Why? You might ask. I am not a 'horticulturist', but I am in awe of God's creations. I love to study the differences, to feel different leaves and textures of trees. I cannot grow them to save my life, but I do enjoy looking at them, especially how they become homes to many creatures. As I get older I think I am beginning to mature in my understanding of life and I will never stop learning, afterall there is so much to learn and gain from studying.
I hope that you will be able to draw some of your passions and forward me a copy if you will as I would love to see them. www.ksun_1999@yahoo.com

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