Saturday, May 5, 2007

Master Cleanser Lemonade - Finished With It!!!

Well, this cleanse did not go the way that I wanted it and it was all my fault. Note to self: Read ALL instructions before starting cleanse! I know I said that before but I really messed up. I poisoned myself with the seasalt and not having enough water with it and so I was extremely sick the last few days and had to go off the cleanse. I woke up one morning all puffy and feeling sick to my stomache. My 'killer' headache was actually my body saying "HELLO! You're killin' me here!" I was supposed to drink 32oz of water with the sea salt and not 10oz. so all that salt in my system made me so sick. What did I learn (besides the fact that I'm blonder than blonde when it comes to reading instructions), from this cleanse... is that I obsess over my weight when I really do not need to! My husband loves me just the way I am! God loves me just the way I am! And really I am only 13pounds over the weight I want to be so why kill myself over 13 pounds. I'm me and I'm okay with me! So basically, I need to suck it up buttercup and get over it!!!! Lol.

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