Saturday, March 20, 2010

Exciting New Post! Packing Material - who knew?

Boy did I have fun with this project: Gemming Packing Material! I cannot for the life of me remember where I picked up these pieces of cardboard in beautiful shapes just ready to be gemmed... I am certain I was in the right place at the right time! They have been under my art desk for about a year now... finally... I woke up yesterday morning and wham! it hit me... I needed to gem these beauties! So what did I do???? I went and dragged out all my gemming supplies... sat there for about an hour figuring out what to do... realized that I didn't have enough gemming supplies (charms, beads etc.) so... I went to MICHAELS of coarse!

After an hour or so of browsing the bead and charm section I found the perfect material. I came home ($100 poorer) set out all the supplies, placed them on the shapes and tried to picture the finished product. An hour later I began "icing" the face of the cardboard with molding paste and started the gemming process. The whole piece took me about 4 hours to do - mostly thinking about what I wanted to do! I am eventually going to paint the outside with white paint and in the openings in the front I am going to add pictures of my family.

I am really happy that one, I finally got to this project that has been on my mind for over a year now, and second that it turned out exactly what I expected it to look like. I will post the finished project when I get to it. I hope it won't take me another year to get the pictures and painting organized.

Let me know what you think.
Happy Creating Everyone!!!!! Hugs to you all!


Hello Everyone! New Zendalas... Again.

I finally finished all my eight zendalas... then I read that they have added one more! So... I still need to finish one final one. These two are a little different than my previous ones. I was racking my brains for ideas of what to do as 8 is alot and there are only so many things to do in them right? Well, if I'm creative enough I am sure I can come up with one final idea.
The first one I went to the library and took out a book on patterns. After searching through this book extensively I finally found a flower pattern motif that peeked my interest. So... this is where the flowers came from. I colored them in with my Sharpie Poster Paint Pens and then used my Gelly Roll white gel pen to accentuate the colors.
The second one "the Hand" I got the idea from Milliande, on her site, she shows a video tutorial on making a black and white hand circle zendala. I was so amazed by her creativity that I tried to do one for myself. I think I would have liked mine if it were simply black and white... I am not a fan of the colors as much. Hubbub loves the colored ones, "don't figure?"
Now I must create one final zendala circle and I have a few ideas different from what I have already done... we shall see how it turns out!
Happy Creating everyone!


Friday, March 12, 2010

Newest Zendalas

Well as most of you know I have signed up for the 'zendala' swap over on the yahoo group 'Sketchbook Project'. Here are my most recent additions as I have 8 in total to do... these are 5 and 6.
I thought I would give the black paper a try again and use my chalk writers and sharpie poster paint pens (thanks Arlene for that link!)! I love the way these turned out!
I have two more to do... I think they will be on white paper and done in colors again as the swap is to include colored zendala's.
Let me know what you think of these two.
Happy Creating everyone!


My Son's 15th Birthday

On March 6th I had my first experience watching paintball. My son Josh turned 15 and this is what he wanted to do for his birthday! I was pretty useless at his party as I was only able to take pictures. I wasn't about to partake in the events! I have enough bruises as it is thank you very much!
Happy 15th birthday my "One Eyed Joshy" (when he came out of my womb he had one eye open and one eye closed and he was bobbing his head around - I immediately called him my one-eye'd-Joshy and I still call him that sometimes...) My baby's 15!