Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My God Knows Me and Loves Me

Hello everyone!  I pray that you are all very well and are being blessed in every way.
I am sorry for my absence from here... I have had a number of hard months and am expecting another few hard months to come.
God is good all the time,
all the time, God is good!
I am scheduled for a hysterectomy at the end of the month and it will take a couple of months to recover.
I don't think I will be creating any art during that time, but you never know.
Because I have God as my hope and salvation I will not fear,
He is my HOPE and gives me HIS PEACE
that surpasses all understanding,
I will not fear.
I am going to be telling myself that for awhile.
Living with a Chronic Illness is plum hard!  I cannot even explain what it is like but to say that I constantly feel like I go one step forward and ten steps back.
God keeps pushing me forward, holding me up, helping me to stand...
His still small voice whispers in my ear,
"You can do this Kelly, this is what I created you for,
to shine in the darkness, to bring light to the captives,
to share the comfort I have given you to others...
you can do this..."
"You can do this..."
Okay God, I will listen and embrace your words. 
 I will hold firmly onto your strong and solid foundation,
I will harness myself to your strength and I will follow YOU.
Though the path may darken and the pain grow stronger,
I will trust in you for my comfort.
You and only YOU direct my path Lord.
I will not fear!
Be blessed my dear friends and know that God is always with
you, He never leaves nor forsakes you!
With much love and many blessings