Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Master Cleanser Day 5

Well day 5 came quickly and I have been feeling okay. I was very tired today because I have been so busy with my son's play, but regarding the cleanse I am feeling good. I woke up this morning and did a little 'happy dance' because I got on the scale and am down by 4 and 1/2 pounds. It has taken me five years to be at this weight which is more than I want to be, but still it's getting there. I have been at a standstill with my weight and I hated looking at the scale. Now I have hope. I am determined to get past the weight issue. I want to lose at least 15 pounds.
I have a killer headache today - it keeps coming and going. Not sure if it is from the cleanse, but I am thinking it might be. I don't have the white stuff on the tongue like Thea (From www.colorsonmymind.com) so I will have to wait and see if this happens tomorrow. The headache was there yesterday and I am hoping that this will go away for tomorrow. One thing that I have found really refreshing is the dry bath, body sugar butter. It is so nice to feel invigorated by this body butter after a few days of the cleanse. Now that I have been taking the seasalt flush and the laxative tea I am feeling much better. I continue to keep myself hydrated with lot's of luke warm water and peppermint tea. Not feeling really hungry today, in fact I was able to make muffins for my family and I wasn't even tempted to eat one. It's like my senses just have been cleaned out and I don't want to eat. That is a good thing I guess, for now anyway.

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