Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Working Through Your Thought Process - Entries

As posted earlier, God speaks to me through images as I read His Word. He has taught me to pick out words and search for true meaning in them, He speaks to me through them. As I read I have a pad and paper beside me and start listing off words that stand out to me, later I begin to draw these words, either the words themselves or the images that I receive from these words. In the entry regarding the breastplate God took me through the meaning behind all of his (what I thought at one point "strange requests)... I didn't understand why it had to be so precise, then as I did this page I understood; OBEDIENCE. That was why things had to be exact, God needed them to follow his requests exactly so that He knew their hearts were true (He obviously knew their hearts already, but it was for their sake, so that the people also knew their hearts were right with God). God took me through the number 12 and why that was so important through the bible and I came to understand that the number 12 represented Government. 12 Gems in the Ephod, 12 tribes of Israel, 12 disciples, 12 foundations to the New Jerusalem. All representing the leaders of God's people. It was a very cool journey.
The next entry, "How Lovely" I was taken through Psalm 91 and felt His presence, His comfort, His Angels all around me. I was starting a new job at my Church and was feeling very uncertain and nervous. After journaling however, I was able to feel God's direction and love and comfort in the shadow of His wings. He led me to the position at the Church and everything felt so right. I gained much peace from this page.

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