Monday, April 30, 2007

Master Cleanser Day 3

Day 3 - Feeling a little toxic today, that is my fault as I didn't read all the instructions for the cleanse ahead of time and didn't know to take sea salt water and laxative tea everyday. Hmmmmm.... you think that might be the reason I'm feeling a little toxic? LOL Sometimes I swear I am the one in the family with blonde roots! Anyway, got the seasalt water, and the laxative tea and things are off to the races (literally) feeling much better.
It has been a relatively easy start to the cleanse as I have been busy with my son Benjamin's school play Mulan. A girlfriend of mine asked me if I could paint her daughters face for the play (she is the cricket), and that is what the pics are from. Then when I got to Ben's school I realized that I could help with the other kids make-up too so that's what I have been doing. It has kept my mind off the cleanse and has made things easy. There are three more times this week the play is showing and that will bring me to day 6, almost day 7 by the time I finish with that. I am hoping the rest will just be a walk in the park for me.
****So just a note**** if you are going to start the Master Cleanser remember to drink the sea salt water and the laxative tea! LOL

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