Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Journaling To Heal

Journaling can be a tremendous healing process relieving emotions, anxiety, stress and is also an excellent distraction. When I am stressed I bring out my journal and all of my lovely colors in all sorts of different mediums and I basically journal the words that match the emotions I am feeling. One idea is to actually draw the words you are feeling and color around them. You can capture emotions by the pressure or texture you use. For example, when I am frustrated I may add a tornado effect to my drawing, or press really hard to show that I am angry. When I am confused I usually use many words and colors until I have sort out what it is I am confused about. This particular idea got me through many emotional days and I was able to sort through emotions that most of the time were not useful to have. When I was finished I was relaxed and able to concentrate on more important things such as my family.

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