Sunday, April 29, 2007

Master Cleanser Lemonade Detoxification

Master Cleanser Lemonade Detox! I tried to do this last year... and failed. I journaled these pages last year. Now, I am doing the cleanse again and I am on my third day - so far I have lost 2 1/2 pounds. It is difficult for me to lose weight so I am hoping that this cleanse will boost up my metabolism so that I can start to loose weight. I am on anti-depressants and anyone who has been on them knows that it is really hard to lose weight while on them. These pages were fun to do because I visualized the lemonade working through my body, destroying all the toxins and fat and wiping them out! It's SUPER LEMONADE! LOL. I got inspired to do this cleanse again after I read a journal entry from a fellow art journaler, however I somehow managed to lose her site and cannot find it again. It was really cool, she took a picture of herself on the scale at 155pounds on day 1, then beside that is a picture after 10 days of her at 140pounds. Pretty cool if you ask me, and obviously it was a great motivator! Yesterday I had to eat something because my husband made chicken garlic tortellini and the house smelled so good, I couldn't help it, "It was calling my name!" I hope to have much better self control now though (pray for me please!) I have asked my husband to not make anything that smells so good again so I think I will be fine! LOL. Okay, so officially it's my second full day of the detox, so I will count it as day two instead of day 3. We shall see how it goes. I didn't take a picture of my beginning weight because well basically it sucks! I would love to start at 155 pounds and 140 pounds would be my ideal weight. It was the weight that I was when I was married and my healthy weight. So that is my goal. I will let you know how it goes.


Biby Cletus said...

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zorana said...

Hi Kelly! I believe the blog you are referring to is this one:
She is very motivational. Helped me start on the MC. I'm day 8 and feeling great. I'll be holding my fingers that you keep it up, but I think you have to have a right mindset for it... and not think about those yummy smells. They say that the first three days are the hardest so keep on going. Good luck!