Tuesday, April 17, 2007

When God Speaks To You - Entry

Being a visual person, when I read the Word (Bible) I tend to sift out from it the message that God wants me to receive. I will often have a pen and paper handy to write down specific words that have caught my eye. This is how I meditate on the Word and then God will lead me to images and other words to speak to me. This particular entry was from Revelations. I was caught up in the different colors connected with the twelve foundations of the New Jerusalem in Revelations 21. As a creative individual I couldn't help but realize the beauty of the the precious gems. I searched on-line to see what each gem looked like and as a result this journal entry developed. I love lot's of detail, I love words, I love color and for most of my journal entries I have used bright vibrant colors (usually felt pens) and words that spoke to me. As you read try sifting out words with special meaning to you and then begin a new journal entry allowing your mind to be open to whatever images you see - try to represent those images on your page and this entry will speak to you with great meaning.


Cliff said...

Hi Kelly, Kove your web site. I trust you and your family are doing well. Would like to conect with you and Randy one day soon. I am now unemployed and staying at home for a bit to get some renos completed. Blessings to you. Love in Christ, Cliff

Kelly's Artistic Journaling said...

Thanks for your comments. I hope to see you on Sunday. Love you brother.

stamp and scrape said...

Isn't it wonderful to meditate on God's word?! The imagery in Revelations is so powerful, especially the colours meanings to these gems. A lot of these gems are mentioned elsewhere in the OT - relating to the builing of the temple in Jerusalem. I looked it up once for a bible study.
I even find less important words great to meditate on too. Isaiah 53 is good for this!