Thursday, April 12, 2007

Getting Started With Your Art Journal

Now that I finished the cover of my new piece of art with excitement and hopeful anticipation that my creative juices would start flowing out of me; I started my first assignment. My friend told me... Gather pictures of yourself that you might write about. Now draw an outline of your hand on the first page. In the picture of your hand cut down the pictures you have collected to fit into your hand. Now journal around your hand what you are feeling. Okay... this was interesting. Hmmm... I had to think about this and gather the colors I wanted to use; choose the pictures etc. I chose pictures of when I was in highschool and my first two years of college. It was a time I was very uncertain of who I was... and I went from there. From the picture I posted with this blog you can see that my focus after placing my pictures on my hand was on that of 'Vanity'. I felt that during that period in my life I was concentrated on my physical appearance... so much so that it defined who I was. When I finished the page I was surprised at what I had learned about myself both from that period of my life as well as the present and how much I had grown to discover who I really am. Try it and please comment on your results as I would love to read them and possibly see pictures of how yours turned out.

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Anonymous said...

kelly, what a great idea. I love it! Maybe when school is out in a month, I could try? I LOVE the cover of your book!