Friday, April 20, 2007

The Funkier The Better Journal Entry

Sometimes funny events happen in your life. When this happens record them. This particular entry happened to be about a fun trip to the mall and the purchases that I made there. This is one of my favorite pages because it makes me feel good as an artist to add color into my life. I discovered that my entire wardrobe was dark - black, brown, navy's, nothing of color at all. My 'artist' friend went shopping with me and I ended up with light lime green boots, purse, scarves, and jewellery to match. I don't know why there are times in our lives when we hide behind dark colors, trying to blend into the background so that we aren't seen. We feel so much better when we are enveloped in color, yet we deprive ourselves from color? Makes no sense to me. From this day on I have chosen color to add to my wardrobe and I feel better wearing it, more alive and vibrant, awake.

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