Thursday, April 12, 2007

Some Ideas For Inspiration

Sometimes I have a hard time finding inspiration. So I usually go on-line to get ideas to journal. Here are some more pics of my journal pages.
The first picture was inspired while I was reading them Bible. I was given a vision in my head of what "Wisdom" looked like through the Bible passage. This has always been an inspiration to me as the Lord helps me to visualize the meanings of His Word.
The second picture... I write a lot of poetry and for this journal page I journaled around one of my poems - the images that were given to me through the poem, sometimes it will be feelings that come across as images. I encourage you to really look into yourself and allow yourself to be fully aware of what goes on in your mind visually as you read anything. If you write, try to visualize your writing. If you read, try to visualize what it is you are reading, and capture those images on a journal page. Have fun with being aware of the pictures in your mind, the textures, the colors, the emotions.

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