Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sharing With You on My Blog Hopping Journey

#72 Creatissimo had this beautiful picture they had taken on their vacation and I love it because it is showing an eagle instead of a rooster! What a great idea! Just another wonderful find while blog hopping! Their post made me really question myself, "hmmmm... which direction am I going anyway?" Sounds to me like a wonderful journal page don't you think???? Go check them out if you get a chance.

#75 Karen Cannon has the cutest collaged angels you must check out. Above is just one of her angels. Go check out her super cute blog and see for yourself!

Just a few as I make my way through all of your wonderful blogs again! Hugs and
as always... Happy Creating!


Monday, August 30, 2010

Healing Woman - Beautiful Blog

Cheryl over at Healing Woman has painted this fabulous piece of artwork named "Rosie" and I just had to share her with you.
She wrote a little story about her...
The bloom and innocence of youth matures and deepens into the serenity of wisdom. One day, without remorse, without regret, the symbol of unity and all that had been, gave way to all that is and will be…Rosie removed her ring.

On her blog she explains the entire story behind her painting and I highly recommend you taking a look. I am certain you will be as inspired as I was!

Hugs and Happy Creating!


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Art Journaling Reference Book

Hello lovely people... I hope you are all having a wonderful lazy Sunday summer day. Of coarse "Summer" is negotiable in Calgary, Alberta where I habitate! LOL.
I have begun the long process of putting together an Art Journaling Reference Book. I found a great little daytimer at Walmart for only $15.98 (yahoo!) and have since then taken out all the needless pages (for my needs anyway) and have gone to work on gathering all sorts of goodies to replace them with! In a hidden pocket lays my butterfly journal... then I started pulling out some zentangles that I made way back when and cropped them up for this binder. I also did this to my alphabets, my copic marker charts, my texture charts and numerous other goodies you can see above. When I am finished I hope to have a full reference book that I can take with me to when I teach art journaling classes.
The very last page contain my business cards! Yay! I realize now that my logo "Teaching You To Fly One Wing At A Time" now seems silly with everyone taking Kelly Rae Roberts - Flying Lessons courses! However, I made them last year and am sticking with them... besides... this is exactly what I want to teach - healing for women struggling with getting through life! Teaching these women that they are precious and beautiful and able to fly!
Well, it works for me too!
Wishing you all a fabulously creative week!


Saturday, August 28, 2010

High Heel Crush

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having an amazing weekend! I have had a rather lazy one organizing my art reference journal and getting a little art journaling in there too! You know it doesn't seem to matter how many days are in my weekend it always goes by way too fast! I can't believe it is almost September! Kids are back to school next Thursday... I am very glad for it as they are seriously getting on each other's nerves. Too much time together this summer! I don't know if girls are any different but my boys have had enough! This year they will be going to different schools as my oldest is going to HIGHSCHOOL! I still remember my first day of grade 10! How can my son be in grade 10 already????? YIKES! I am starting to get the 'empty nest' vibes beginning to chime deep down in my stomache ~ we only have 5 more years of grade school until both our boys are going to University/College! That went by really fast!
Anywho... I spent the day art journaling. I went through some magazines I had just purchased and found some BEAUTIFUL high heels ("insert drool here"!) so I thought I would use them on a journal page. I can't wear these gorgeous beauties so I might as well make some beautiful art work out of them right? I must admit that I totally have a CRUSH on high heel shoes! They make me happy! I was so sad when I finally broke down and came to the realization that I simply could not wear them anymore... very sad, sad, sad day! Can you see my upside down smile??? So now I admire them from afar and dream of the days ago when I would elegantly glide down the sidewalks in my 4" kitten shoes (ya right!!!!) Truth be known I have always been clumsy and I don't think I have ever "NOT" twisted my ankles wearing high heel shoes and there is "NO" possible way that I could ever get away with wearing 4" heels! That just wouldn't happen in my world!!! But I will always adore them and drool over the exquisite designs - THEY ARE TOO DARN CUTE NOT TO LOVE!!!!!
So... with that said, I hope you enjoy my "HIGH HEEL LOVIN" page!
I strung some beads with wire on top of this page and cut out a scallopped edge along the right side where I was able to zentangle in the scallops. This page is full of "juicy" techniques that I am had so much fun creating!
Let me know which shoe you love! My favorites are the one's in the middle, they tell a story of a tall slender business woman who keeps these shoes in her office "just in case" an invitation comes her way for a romantic night on the town don't ya think????
Happy Creating Everyone!


Friday, August 27, 2010

Colleen from Vintage Terrace has awarded me with this wonderful award all the way from the Ukraine!

1: THANK THE PERSON WHO GAVE IT TO YOU- Thank you Colleen, I am truly honored.


3: LIST 3 THINGS YOU LOVE ABOUT YOURSELF. Hmmm... what kind of things????
1) My Hero is God first and foremost!
2) My Hubbub is the best hubbub I could ever ask for (18 years this year!)
3) I will begin teaching Art Journaling to Youth Girls this weekend - I'm really
nervous but very excited!

4: POST A PIC YOU LOVE - The top picture was taken almost two years ago in Arizona at a BEAUTIFUL restaurant in Scottsdale! I LOVE the deocor in this exquisite eatery and I probably took approximately 100 pictures while embarrassing my family during dinner!

Only five? I have so many that I could give this to!!! All of these ladies I have just recently met through the Artist Blog Hop and have thoroughly enjoyed being inspired by them!
3) Carmelina over at Creative Carmelina YA, HER BLOG NAME SAYS IT ALL! EXTREMELY CREATIVE WOMAN!

Well enjoy these blogs, they are all FABULOUS AND DESERVE THIS AWARD!
Happy Creating Everyone!!!


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Artist Blog Update and Sharing Some Beautiful Finds

I am going through the Blog hop again... a very long but very inspirational task... I have signed up to follow most of your blogs...
I am going through them because one of the artists mentioned that I may want to remove one link that was a little, hmmmm... how shall I say this being as politically correct as possible... "provocative" for this artist blog hop... So... I have removed her. Your numbers may have changed as I am going through and deleting those who have possibly entered twice or have entered links really unrelated to art. Afterall, this is the entire reason for entering the "Artist" blog hop right? So please check your number again.

On another note, there is some beautiful new work and I would like to point out the following blogs to you and share the inspiration:

Sandra Rice #14 I absolutely adore her journal pages with watercolor like the picture above shows (it is the last picture). Please take a look at her blog as it is very inspirational.

Ayra #19 of Serendipity Art Journaling also has a lovely blog. The art I am showing from her is something that I have always wanted to achieve yet am so horrible with perspectives that I have never been able to do it - Ayra has done a fabulous job of it hasn't she? Her art is the arch entrance second from the bottom.

#24 Lucy Warlick again, another beautiful blog. I couldn't help but post this amazing piece of art, every girl's dream I think. It is the top picture - Gorgeous yes????? I fell in love with this one and I could definitely see it hanging in my bathroom (although hubbub would probably have something to say about that! LOL) I wouldn't care what he said as I really love it and he loves me... and actually I don't think he would mind at all cause that's just the way he rolls! lol again.

So let me know what you all think about what I am sharing. If you find any blogs that you think should not be apart of this blog hop in the links please don't hesitate to let me know and I will take care of it! Your numbers may continue to change a bit as I work my way through them again. Thank you so much everyone for being so super wonderful and sharing your inspiration with the world!!!!!! Hugs to you all and as always...
Happy Creating Everyone!!!

PS... Keep watching for further posts as I may just feature some of your art work and you won't even know it if you don't watch - I'm just sneaky that way! lol. wha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Scary huh? Hee-hee

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

UP TO #400 on The Artist Blog Hop - Feature Laurie Miller

I can't believe the Artist Blog Hop is up over 400 Artists!!! I am so excited. So today I am featuring the lovely Laurie Miller who just happens to be #400. This is just one of her beautiful paintings so full of color and cheer. Take a look here for yourself.

I have met so many awesome people through this blog hop and I am so thankful to have been blessed by all of your inspiration, your beautiful art work and creativity. It blows me away how much talent is out there!
Hugs and Happy Creating Everyone!


Friday, August 20, 2010

Butterflies Continued and Finished

After oodles and oodles of doodling and coloring and shading, then sewing buttons on the one edge, I finally completed my butterfly journal. Now that I am finished with it I am not sure what to do with it! Maybe I could continue adding pages to it and keep it as a reference journal with different techniques, I'm not sure! In the journaling spaces I wrote out some scriptures from John 3 and Romans 8 and then I just wrote about the beauty of God's creations and how when I get to Heaven I will probably be like a little kid with a million and one questions for God as to how He came up with the design for each and every beautiful creation! What a fun project this has been.
My niece has been visiting for a week, she is nine years old so I have had some rather enjoyable girl time with her. I am now the proud owner of PURPLE toe nails and finger nails! That's one I have never had before! LOL!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone and as always... Happy Creating!


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Butterfly, Butterfly, Butterfly

After blog hopping Ingrid and Rebecca's blogs I was inspired to create a butterfly journal myself. If you look at Ingrid's site you will see her beautiful "over the edge" journal that is GORGEOUS! She has so many inspirational journal pages you can't help but be amazed.
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.
Happy Creating Everyone!


Friday, August 13, 2010

New Alphabet and Other Exploits

Things have been slow in the afternoons at work so I get to play with my markers... I worked on this new alphabet this week.
I have also been working on preparing a reference journal for a class I am going to be teaching to the youth girls at my church. I have been practicing drawing and coloring faces that show emotions because lets face it teenage girls have emotions!... so I want to make a fun little journal that they can make themselves as a way to express said emotions.
I have been drawing out faces from Rebecca's face postcards over on her Daisy Doll Gypsy Caravan site. She has used awesome texture on her faces and I want to figure out exactly how to do this so that I can show them to the girls. If you haven't seen them you should definetly check them out! You know when you find an artist whom you just love their style, well, Rebecca is one of them! I have drawn faces since I could pick up a pen and paper and I was immediately attracted to her style of faces, they are exactly what I have tried to create for so many years! Now I am learning her texturing methods so that I can finally create the way I want to! Yay!
So... I'm not going to show you my work on the faces because basically I am drawing them out very similar to Rebecca's and I don't believe in sharing something that is not mine... so I hope you enjoy this new alphabet!

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Creating! Thanks Rebecca for your inspiration!


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Butterfly for Betty

Oh what a blissful day this has been... I got the house to myself for FOUR glorious hours of peace and quiet (I love my family dearly but sometimes I need my time! LOL). I spent those hours finishing up my painting dedicated to Betty Bowen, my dear friend who passed away two weeks ago. I wanted to use bright colors to represent her life full of love and many bright colors.

I hope you enjoy it!

Happy Creating Everyone!


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy Place

What does your 'happy place' look like? I have been thinking about mine... definitely tropical... hot sandy beach... waves lapping up over my feet as I explore the shore... a cool frothy pina colada... I can taste the coconut now. I don't usually drink alcohol but when I'm on vacation I love a pina colada by the beach watching the sun go down. I can feel the warm breeze gently pushing my hair around... aaaaahhhhhh!
Yep, that's my happy place.

Happy Creating Everyone!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Awesome Video Link for Moleskin Art Journaling

Rebecca has added a wonderful video to you tube explaining her experience with her new moleskin journal. In it she also shows her fabulous pages! A must see for anyone needing inspiration to art journal.

Just copy and paste link into your browser.

Happy Creating Everyone and Enjoy this video!


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Creative Lettering 2

Having fun with the Creative Lettering and shading with my copic markers! Hope you all like them.

Happy Creating!