Sunday, October 28, 2007

My First 'Stamping Bella' Card

I was so excited to receive my first "Bella" stamps on Friday, however I was very saddened by the fact that I was too sick to use them. Although on Saturday I had already prearranged for a number of ladies and kids from my Church to come over and help make cards for this year's fundraiser... so I was able to play with one of my 'bella' stamps. I think this one is called "Merry Bella". It is so cute and feminine I can't help but love it! I cut out her dress, boots and hat from the same scrapbooking paper as in the background and glued it onto her. I then used 'Puffy' glue stuff and embossed it to make it look like 'Santa' boots and hat. Then I went to work on coloring the rest with gel metallic sparkly markers. The end result turned out great. The large snowflake added a cute little embellishment effect. I really like this card and look forward to making more "bella's".
Please send me copies of your "bella" cards - I would love to see them. You can post them in your comments for my post, or you can e-mail them to me at ksun_1999@yahoo.com . I look forward to seeing them.
Happy Creating!

Kid's Ministry Kids Help Make Cards

Yesterday was a busy house indeed... four kids from Kid's Ministry at the Garden (My Church) and two Sunday School teachers came over to help make Christmas cards for the fundraiser this year. I found it a time of growth and "letting-go" for me as I sat back and watched the kid's 'go-to-it' with all my stamps, papers and supplies. (As a stamper/cardmaker/scrapbooker/artist you may begin to know what I mean) At first it was difficult for me to breathe because I am a little bit (49% according to the below test) perfectionist - LOL! After awhile though it was an awesome experience seeing the creativity in the room blossom, the cheery faces singing with the Christmas carols playing in the background and everyone working together to pull this fundraiser off.
Little 7 year old Haleem made the middle card in this posting. If she can make something so beautifully creative at 7, imagine what she will create during the rest of her life.
10 year old Maikaila made the card on the top of this post. She is very creative as well and loves crafting with me. They all had a wonderful time... Anna, Anejka, Haleem, Maikaila, Nicole, Rachel and myself. I wasn't feeling too well during the proceedings so I actually got to sit back and enjoy the creativity flowing around me.
Well, I hope you enjoy seeing these lovely creations.
Happy Creating everyone!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Long Thin Cards For Christmas

My girlfriend Nancy from "Nancy's Creative Mess" made one of these long cards and I really liked it. You can see hers on one of her older posts just look at my Cool Links. So... I decided to try and make some of these myself and the above cards are what I turned up with. I really like the tree one. I had a strip leftover of the scrapbook paper and I didn't want to throw it out. If fit perfectly with this card. The snowflake on the Merry Christmas turned out perfect because I had some left over brads that I have rarely used and they worked great (I wouldn't have thought to use those colors for a snowflake but it makes it unique). I also got to use my "Stampin-up" "Shapes and Shadows" set that I haven't used in a long time for the tree. I like these cards but unfortunately you can only make one card instead of two out of 1 piece of cardstock! That is the only downside to these cards. They are rather beautiful though, and original I think.
Happy Creating Lovelies!

Once Again... Some More Christmas Cards

I have been working on some different ideas of Christmas Cards for the Kid's Ministry Fundraiser. Here are three more that I have made. Another slider card, and two different templates for cards. On the one with Love Hope and Peace I colored the edges of the scrapbooking paper with the same color of ink as the paper even though it didn't exactly match the paper used. The snowflakes were more red than burgandy, however the outcome did turn out nicely. This is one of my favorites. I think I will try to use this technique more often and make the scrap paper I use match by inking the border of it. That way I won't waste so much scrap paper.
The Thoughts of You card I made for a lady who wanted to give her daughter a card. I don't like it as much as I thought I did as I look at it on here... it looks like it is needing something. I think the blue circle behind is too plain or something. The "Thoughts of You" stamp was one from the $1.50 bin at Michael's - I love that bin and have found some really cute stamps from there. How can you say no to $1.50??? Well I guess you can if your cart is full of them! LOL.
Well happy creating!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Circle Overlap Christmas Card

Over the weekend I worked on this card and made a number of them. I really love the rich colors together. For the strip on the inside I used a piece from the Michael's Christmas Slab, as well as for the outer circle. The inner circle was stamped with one of the stamps from "Jesus is Born" set from Stampin-up. The ribbon I purchased at Michael's for 40%off (I love things on sale). The "Christmas Blessings" was from the same set, I punched it out with my slot punch from 'stampin-up.

Happy Creating!

Criss Cross Card

Karen, over at Karen's Kreations posted one of these Criss Cross cards that she had made while attending one of those Stampin-up days where they show you how to make the good stuff! I loved hers (which you can view by choosing her link at the bottom) and so I asked her to send me the template and she did! Yeehaw! I was so excited I went to work on mine late last night. (Crazy stampattic I am and all!) I used paper from the Michael's Christmas slab (glittered one), I cut out two ornaments from one of the pages to match the paper and add as embellishments to my card. It looks beautiful and the great thing about it is that it is relatively easy to make. You can get to the template by going to;


If you can't find it please let me know and I will try to get it to you. E-mail me at ksun_1999@yahoo.com

Happy Creating!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Anniversary Bliss

We had the best Anniversary ever this past week. We celebrated 14 years of blissfully happy marriage (remembering only the good stuff of coarse!). My husband and I spent the day together walking around 'Kensington', a small part of town that houses coffee/tea, Art, Antique and knick-knack shops. Then we came home and rested the afternoon. For supper we were treated to a lovely dinner complete with waiter (our 10 year old son Ben) and Chef (our 12 year old son Josh) who proceeded to wait on us and give us a full out no-holds-bard 3 coarse romantic dinner. They both dressed up for the occassion in their best of their best clothing. We were so impressed we gave them each a $7 tip! They also clipped up a bunch of roses and spread them all over our bedroom (as to my urging) (teaching them to be gentlemen and all). We were extremely spoiled and are very blessed.
Well, once again, happy creating!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Cuddle Bugged

I purchased a new Cuddle Bug Embossing Folder "Circles" a few weeks back and it has sat in my desk unopened. Today I opened it! Yippee for me! My friend Nancy has this folder and I have seen it on other cards before but I hummed and hawed at getting it for a long time. Now that I have used it I am glad I bought it! All the embossed images from the "Cuddle Bug" (Provo Craft) add dimension to my cards though this is one of my favorites. Today I played with it in two ways... as a background and in a layered crop. I like both.
I started working one day per week so guess what???? I have a little bit of spending money! Woohoo! I went to Michael's and stocked up on some of my supplies because they were getting pretty low... well... okay... let's just say I needed a few supplies... and if some other things jumped into my basket well... I can't be held responsible for such things! LOL.
One of the items that I found was the lovely little pregnant lady as seen on three of the above cards. How much was this lady???? $1.50. YUP $1.50. I know what you're thinking... well that's great but what would you use a pregnant lady for??? Am I right? Well, the thought crossed my mind that I happen to know four ladies that are having babies this coming year and wouldn't it be nice to send them a note to let them know that I'm thinking about them??? For $1.50 I'm willing to pay to give them a little bit of a smile as they (suffer)... oops... did I say that??? I mean... as they enjoy their experience. Hee-hee. Plus... (my brain continued thinking) these ladies are all going to need showers right? What if I made their shower cards??? Now I'm really thinking, and 'YES' it hurts! So... the wheels are turning and I am all set up for the future of babies and for a small purchase of $1.50 at Michael's! It pays to think ahead!
The flowers you see on all the above cards were made with my new 'Flower Punch'. It is a Martha Stewart Design. I love the unique shape of this punch, all my other flower punches have curved ends... they feel monotonous to use... this one adds flair! I love it! It was only $16.99. Good price too!
I'm having fun!
Happy Creating!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Christmas Cards This Week

I received my newest Stampin-up set "Baby Jesus Is Born" last week and I was finally able to make a card with it. The set includes Mary/Joseph/Baby Jesus and two sheep, the sentiments "Christmas Blessings" and "Rejoicing with you in the Miracle of Christmas." I was looking for a set that was not too 'grown-up' because I am making cards for the Kid's Ministry at Church to sell as a fundraiser - this set is perfect for that purpose. I had some hempstring on my craft desk and it reminded me of hay so I put it in the back ground layer. I also added a star from another Stampin-up set (Peace and Love. The star was that little addition that brought the entire card together. I also used the star as an addition to the sentiments inside the card.

The Christmas Tree card was inspired from a visit to "Paper Pastimes" here in Calgary. They had a stamp that was a long skinny tree and they embellished it with markers making the dots on the tree and 'Stickles' for glitter. I layered the tree with two layers of paper and then two layers of double sided mounting tape to raise the surface. The pink toned paper in the background is from the Michael's Christmas Slab (The glittered one). The papers in this slab are so beautiful I don't want to use them but am glad when I do use them because it brings the projects I am making greater depth and beauty.

The "Oversized" Paper Clip (bought from Staples) I am making bookmarks with (also for the fundraiser for Kid's Ministry at my church. I cut two pieces of chipboard in 2x2" squares. Stamped my top layer with "All God's Children" Stampset from Stampin-up placing it on red cardstock. The crystals around the house and top layer are actually mini-micro beads, clear. I put a thin piece of double sided tape, then sprinkle the beads and let sit for 24 hours.

All these Christmas projects make me yearn for the Christmas season to begin - I love Christmas!
Well, Happy Creating Everyone!

'The Jane Austin Bookclub' Movie

I went to see 'The Jane Austin Bookclub' movie with a girlfriend of mine this afternoon. We usually aren't prone to going to movies in the afternoon though today I felt like seeing one. It was really a rather cool experience as we went to the showing where mom's and their babies viewed movies so the theatre was full of strollers,mom's and babies. We weren't even distracted when some of them cried because we had both 'been-there-done-that' and knew exactly what it was like.
The movie was excellent and entertaining and it wasn't just because it was about a bookclub of books from one of my favorite authors. I am a huge Jane Austin fan, mostly because of the movies that have been made from her books... now I am at the stage in my life where I want to read her entire works. After the movie I was pumped up with the idea of doing just that and we went to Chapters and I purchased six of her books (Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Emma, Persuasion, Northanger Abbey, and Mansfield Park). I am hoping to start a Jane Austin Bookclub just like in the movie. So far it's just me and my girlfriend Deb... but we shall have to see how it progresses along.
If anyone would like to comment on any of these books I would gladly accept them.
In the mean time... happy creating!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Christmas Tag Swap

Well I finished my Christmas tags for a Christmas Tag Swap I entered. I had to make 29 of the same tag (which can be monotonous). This was harder than I thought it was going to be... it shouldn't have been because every year I have made Christmas Tags to sell at the Craft Fairs. I guess I was nervous because I want all 29 participants to enjoy the tags that I make. I have never entered a swap before but this is rather fun, I just might start entering some swaps just for the excitement of seeing what I get in return. I like making Christmas tags because they are a smaller space to work with than making a card or scrapbooking an entire page. I might make some more tags just for the fun of it!
Please send me pictures of your tags when you make them.
Happy Creating!

Peach Pie

What better way to spend a Sunday night than making 'Peach Pie'. My hubby and oldest son went to the store to get the items they needed to make 'Apple Pie', but came home with the makings of 'White Peach' Pie. White peaches are not as sweet as orange peaches, they are not bitter either. They are perfect for pie I think because I don't like things too too sweet. My hubby and son are the best pie makers - I haven't even attempted making pie because they are so good I don't have to LOL! I think Josh is going to grow up to become a chef or a baker (or candle stick maker!)... because he loves baking and cooking. I don't know where he got it from because I don't think he got it from me. I love cooking when I have time to do so, but when kids are in activities, and school starts and all the Bible studies begin at Church... I rarely have time to spend slaving over a stove. Lately I must admit that we have been to M&M Meatshops and bought things of pre-made/pre-cooked hamburgers etc., Who has time to cook these days? Well, I should as I do stay home and am not working but... well anyway! Excuses, excuses! lol.
Next time you attempt to make a peach pie, try using white peaches and you will be pleasantly surprised.
Happy Creating !