Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My Life is Upside Down For Jesus

Hello blogland.  I am alive... I am slapping my own hand for taking so long to update my blog.
I have been in recovery mode from surgery since August last year, what a crazy year it's been, but God is good and has been with me always.
I just got home from a week away after kidnapping my Sister and taking her to visit with our Aunt and Uncle.  We had a lovely time and an emotional time also.
I really needed to see her and make sure she was okay (after her car accident two years ago), I haven't been able to go and visit her in person.

I have been experimenting with different forms of art and I am having a great time teaching at a woman's recovery house, i am teaching healing art journaling.  It helps me to volunteer, even if it is only two hours every two weeks, at least I can give back a little bit.
I am getting back into creating a few more art journal pages... it's a slow process but I will get there.
I pray you are very blessed and are having a wonderful day.