Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy "Mail" Day

HAPPY MAIL DAY TO ME!!!! So... here's the deal... I wake up Friday morning with a horrible nasty cold and with the knowledge that in about an hour I have to go and have my first Cortisone shot EVER! Not starting out too great is it? I make my way downstairs to the kitchen preparing to make myself some tea and here is this beautiful "Mail Art" addressed TO ME!!!! Suddenly my day is looking much better and after staring in glorified amazement at the beautiful piece of art work from my wonderful friend Alice (a.k.a. 'Aliki')I gracefully slit the top of the envelope open not wanting to damage my new precious gift of art. Inside she has explained that she has just discovered the joy of "Mail Art" and she wanted to share it with ME! How beautiful is that??? I forgot all about my cold and my soon to be shot in the arm and basked in the beauty of her 'Mail art'... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
What ever happened to the whole 'sending physical letters' thing anyway? Why has it died out? Because of things like what I am using in the comfort of my home as I type and share with the world my wonderful experience of receiving "mail art"! Is it a gift or a curse? I really don't know. On the one hand I love the convenience factor of having a laptop, I love that I can share with people I don't even know my joys and experiences in life, I love that people contact me from all over the world and bring smiles to my face... but is it the same as receiving a hand crafted gorgeous piece of "Mail art"??? Knowing that someone took time out of their busy lives to sit down and make something for me... now that's a precious gift we take for granted these days! I know the time that goes into making these things and I appreciate every second and every ounce of creativity that goes into them.
I love the excitement however, of coming home and walking to the mail box and discovering a letter addressed to me!
I hope I can give Alice (Aliki) the same joy she gave to me. I also enclosed the mailart that I am sending back to her. Thank you Alice for making my day with all the love you sent my way!
Want to spread some love and smiles to others???? Make some 'mail art' and send it to someone you are thinking about! Guaranteed smiles everytime! Maybe 'snail mail' has not died out afterall, maybe it's coming back???? Wouldn't that be grand?
Happy Creating everyone!


Friday, February 26, 2010

Here they are...

Silly me, I forgot to actually add the pictures of my colored zendalas - DUH! Here they are for your enjoyment.
Hugs to you all!
Happy Creating


Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Zendalas

So the zendala swap went so good that I made four of them... the ladies at the Sketchbook Project Group mentioned the idea of doing more than two and that got me started. I fell in love with using chalk markers on the black paper but for these ones I used the color markers on white paper. I don't know why this was so hard for me... I used the same techniques I used with the chalk markers zendalas.
The effect is completely different, that must be it!
I LOVE the way the chalk markers appear on the black paper! I think maybe I need to experiment with colors more, blending and such. Maybe if they were blended I would be more in love with them.
I am going to keep on going though. They say practice makes perfect!
Happy Creating Everyone!


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Zenning It Again!

Well here I am again... completely taken in by "zendoodles". Over on "Sketchbook Project" yahoo group I have joined a swap for what I call "zen circles". I'm not certain as to the correct definition of "zen mandala's" so I don't want to call mine one of them. (I'm wierd that way I guess)! Plus I think zentangles are supposed to be one continuous line and mine are not. Anyway, on the SPG (sketchbook project group) one of the ladies posted her zen mandala on black paper and it was gorgeous! It started my mouth watering and I knew I had to try this technique myself! I am glad that I did... now I am thinking of getting a sketchbook with black paper only! That is the wonder of being a member of certain art groups... there is amazing work out there to see!
I really enjoyed creating these little doodles... I find doodling very peaceful and relaxing. I don't usually watch tv (because we do not have cable,or satellite, or digital tv... or whatever the newest greatest form of t.v. there is - lol), however, I do tend to like certain shows every once and awhile and will watch them online via global tv. I especially like to watch "The Good Wife" and "House".
My husband tried talking me into getting rid of cable for years and finally I said yes to getting rid of it and I must say it is one of the best decisions we have made for our family. The only problem is that when we go on vacation (like this weekend) my boys (including hubbub) spend a lot of the time glued to the set! I however, have changed from a cable-addict to a not-liking-cable-at-all person! I absolutely hate all the commercials and to be honest most of the shows do not appeal to me either.
We went to Banff this weekend and enjoyed a much needed family weekend with waterslides, games and of coarse... tv for my boys! Sounds exciting yes? My hubby lovingly purchased a beautiful Garnet necklace that matches my Garnet Ring that I purchased at the Lilac Festival last June, for me for Valentines day. What a sweetheart! (To see my ring just scroll down to June postings). My necklace is the same pendant as on the ring.

Well I hope all of you are full of inspiration and positive creativity! Happy creating everyone!


Monday, February 1, 2010


I am extremely slow this year it seems. It has taken me 30 days to finish my 'Word of the year" page! I changed my word from Blessings to "Breakthrough" as Blessings just didn't sit right, I couldn't get inspired. Two Sunday's ago our pastor mentioned that this year was going to be a year of "Breakthrough" in evangalism. That struck a chord with me - hmmmmm.... breakthrough????? Yes! That's my word!
I knew it immediately. I even drew a picture in my mini journal and everything! It took me a long time to finish working on it because unfortunately WORK gets in the way of my play time lol.
So this year I have already seen many breakthrough's. I have a new job, I was off work since June 2009. I am learning new things, Accounting, Human Resources, Payroll, Taxes etc... thanks to my new job. My hubby's career is changing. We officially have two cars (Hubby always had a company car)... and most exciting is that I have weaned down my anti-depressants by 75mg!!! I didn't even realize I was going down that much, it just happened as I thought I was taking the beads out of the 75mg caplet, but I was taking them out of the 150! God is so good! I am doing great and it has been about a month and 1/2!
Looking forward to a great "breakthrough" year! I hope you have a fabulous year as well!
Hugs to you and Happy Creating!