Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Hello Autumn

Happy Fall to you

Phew, what a long few months this has been.  I have not created much art since April, I have created four pieces in total. I was overwhelmed with pain straight through .  
God has given me grace into my situation to take away any impulses to create until I was ready to do so. 
Instead of art, God has been pruning me as we spend time in His Word together.  I am going deeper into His Word with  purpose to know my Shepherds voice.  I do not want to NOT recognize my Shepherd when He speaks to me.

As I am studying the Prophets right now, I am seeing a theme reoccuring that bothers me.
The theme is God teaching His people through the Prophets, showing them how to live and serve Him and the blessings that come from doing so.  He also clearly shows the consequences if they do not follow Him and over and over again... they fail.
Over and over again they fall into the snares of the enemy... and God's blessings are wasted.
I do not want to fail; I do not want to fall into the snares of the enemy and I do not want ANY gifts the Lord has blessed me with to be wasted.
At the end of my life, when my Abba comes to take me home I want to make sure I have used every good and perfect gift the Lord has given me.
Now, I am on the journey to conquer my stress! :)
I pray you are all doing well.
Many blessings to you