Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This is Not Goodbye... But I will see you in awhile...

It was just before Expo 1986 when I went over to my Uncle Carl and Auntie Ruby's home for the first time. They had a beautiful flower garden and a small bungalo home. To me it was lovely. I would have been 15 years old. My Uncle Carl set out some cookies and Tea for my Auntie Ruby and myself to have while we had a very grown up chat. This memory sticks out so strongly in my mind because I remember feeling appreciated and special and loved even though I didn't really know them too well. A few weeks later she asked me to go with her to Expo'86. This was a huge responsibility as my Auntie Ruby was in a wheel chair and I was going to take care of her for the whole day. I remember being so much in love with my Auntie Ruby. She was so sweet and gentle and loving ~ most of all she knew the gentle grace of God and filled me with so much wisdom that day. I would never have gotten to go to Expo without going with her and I thoroughly enjoyed it (I can honestly say I wouldn't have enjoyed it as much had I not gone with her). There was one exhibit on religions and I remember us both being really excited to go see it ~ we were not disappointed as it was exquisite. That day will be with me always and I will appreciate Carl and Ruby for their generousity, grace and love forever.
So my sweet Auntie Ruby, 'thank you so much for all the stamps in my Expo'86 passport', thank you for showing the 'Love of God to me' and for treating me so special. This is not goodbye, but I will see you in awhile. I love you.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Everybody Fooled

Journaling over the past couple of days... the theme; "Everybody Fooled"! Why would I come up with something like that? Well I was listening to Evanescence last week and there is a song with the words 'Everybody Fooled' in it and it got me thinking that I am too trusting of people. I have allowed some to come into my life who I thought needed me and I have tried really hard to help them with whatever they needed... however, my heart seems to almost always get hurt in the process. I like to believe in people, to believe the good ... the trusting nature of people in general. I would love it if everyone who came into my life was going to be completely open and honest and trustworthy... the facts though tend to not always point in that direction. People are human, with human emotions, thoughts, hearts! We will never know another person's heart completely, only God know's the full content of our hearts. I guess it is another learning experience for me about how much I open up my heart. to people or not.
I guess I have questions... how do you know who to trust and who not to trust in this life? I know I need to definitely pray and allow God's healing to flow through me. I will also pray that God reveals to me who I can open my heart to or not.
I pray you have better luck with this than me.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

6th Folder in your photos!

Here are the rules:
•Open your photo folder on your computer
•Open the 6th folder of photos
•Select the 6th picture
•Post the picture on your blog with a description
•Invite six friends to join the challenge
•Link your six friends to your blog post
(or you can let anyone who reads your blog participate.)
Leave me a link in the comments is you decide to do this.

Well... here is my photo... I am obviously naturally a woman - lol. My picture is of the closet from the condo in Arizona! Thanks Michelle for sharing this on your blog over at Creative Treasures.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Evanescence down here!

I have been listening to Evanescence lately because a friend from the past brought it up and I hear it so differently now. I love their "Fallen" CD because it speaks to me on so many levels as when I first heard them I was in the deepest depression. It broke through barriers that were really hard to break through. They seemed to be calling out to God to help them, to remember them. One song in particular spoke to me, "Everybody's Fool" about someone pretending to be someone they aren't and everyone around them being in love with that person not realizing that the person behind the mask is not really who they think they are! For many years to hide my pain I would put on a mask as if everything was just awesome, inside I was a huge ball of stress and anger and depression. The person I used to be is dead ~ no more to surface again. Thinking back on the past lately has brought up old feelings and emotions that have put me in a very uncomfortable place. I do not ever want to be that person behind the mask again! God has renewed me and made me whole for the first time in my life!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Beautiful Murals

One thing I love is seeing new murals. I have such a deep respect for people who put their art out there and paint murals for everyone to see. These murals were the his/her bathroom doors at the Rainforest Cafe. I loved them so much I had to take a picture. When I was in Arizona I took pictures of so many things... new textures, new colors... everything! I wish I was able to hit some of the art galleries when I went last time but I'm going again in April and will hit them then.
Enjoy them!
Hugs everyone

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Relaxation Destination Arizona

I so needed that vacation!!!!!!!!! My girlfriend Kelly and I went for tea about five or six months back and we heard on the radio that the weather in Calgary for the winter was not going to be too pleasant ~ in fact it was going to be downright nasty! So... we came up with a plan of attack to get through the winter ~ we would head down to Arizona for 6 days in March! What an incredible place Scottsdale Arizona is... I am sure all of Arizona is just as beautiful. Both of us are very much alike in our tastes, personalities and desperate need for warmth! LOL As soon as we got off the airplane we were in "Heaven"! It felt like home to us ~ we both agree that we could sooooooooooo easily live there! What a dream that would be to have the warm sunshine everyday, or even a warm cloudy day would do!!! As you can tell... I put one of the Arizona pictures of me as my profile picture because I look so happy! I don't remember being more happy than when I am in a warm climate like that! We both loved every detail of the place; the Mexican architecture, the music, the cactus' and palm trees, the orange trees and most of all the SUNSHINE!
My girlfriend loves to shop and we went to one mall for EIGHT hours! We were both so done by the time we got to our car ~ we barely made it back to the condo! LOL. Then we went to two other malls the over the next two days! We were so layed back there which was amazing ~ definitely in our element!
My husband's sister generously allowed us to stay in her condo and she was so kind she even had a huge fruit basket greeting us when we got there! We were so impressed with the condo itself, large enough to hold two families! We each had our own bedroom and bathroom and it was beautifully decorated. There were three doors to the balcony that overlooked the exquisite pool and water fountains.
While we were there we became 'animal rescuers'! One morning we went for a swim and there was a 'RAT' in the pool! We felt so bad for it because it was trying to find a way out and it couldn't... so we grabbed the pool net and rescued it and placed it on a warm dry surface. Eventually it puffed itself up and dried in the sunshine. On our way out of the pool area it started back towards the pool! As it wasn't in the pool the next day we are hoping it went safely to its' home!
I think two days later we helped a male duck get out between gates at the clubhouse to into the pool area where it's mate was. As soon as it was freed they flew off 'into the sunset' together. LOL.
I actually picked up a tiny bunny tail not knowing what it was! EW! There was blood on the end so you could tell it had gotten pulled off or stuck or something! We felt bad for the poor little bunny! As you can tell we are huge animal lovers. Hee-hee.
The six days flew by way too soon but we came back rejuvanated with slight tans and ready to plan our next trip there with our families! LOL. I highly recommend Arizona for a vacation.
Oh yes... I actually conquered my fear of something I have wanted to do for a long time now and got the top of my right ear pierced. It didn't hurt at all! I LOVE IT!!!!!!
Hugs and God bless