Monday, May 26, 2008

I Am So Blessed

A lady from Austin e-mailed me today - she works for a foundation that helps children and adults in their healing from violence and/or trauma. She is developing a therapeutic game that will help in the process of healing with education for her patients. She has asked me if she can use two of my paintings on the back of her educational material. I feel very honored that she contacted me because I painted these images with the specific intention of being used to help others find healing. That is my entire reasoning behind my artwork, it is not for self-gain but for others, unless you count my own healing process for myself as self-gain because it has helped me immensely.
Thank You Lord for this amazing opportunity to touch other peoples lives in a way only You can do. I pray that you help whoever see's these cards to have hope in their healing and that they will come to realize that they have a huge glorious loving God just waiting to heal them. Amen
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