Thursday, October 29, 2009

Just Another Alien...

Just Another Alien In This Foreign Land

A sorry place where my body dwells
Living in this world inside my shell
My eyes as the window to my soul
And what is seen within me holds.
Just another alien in this foreign land.
In this world but ‘of it’ I am not
Though here for awhile to cast my lot.
To build up treasures above my eyes
For the next place I go, and so wait in disguise.
Now here I observe and learn as I can
How precious every life beheld in His hands,
I watch and I ponder as I see darkness and light
discerning the battles of spiritual fights.
Not seen with the eyes but felt with the heart
The struggles of others until sorrow departs
Compassion and sadness fills me to despair
As I wait for our Saviour as His Word declares.
Praying through tears that the others will come
To know Him and love him as we have done.
We wait… and continue to stand firm and strong
In this world… in this sadness… where we do not belong.
Just another alien in this foreign land.

By Kelly Lynn Watts
October 29, 2009


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Well I've done it! My first return "Happy Mail - my version of Mail Art. I had a blast puting this piece of mail together. I don't know why I haven't done this before. I didn't even know about mail art until Shelley contacted me and sent me her mail art which excited me very much.
I went to the dollar store to purchase all the cheesy fun letterhead I could find and I found a number of them. One of them had houses on the top and I cut them out and put them on the bottom. of the 6x6 page of the front of my mail art. For my envelope I used a 6x6 scrapbook page protector and taped down the side with the holes. This made a protective cover for my art sheets. After placing the houses on the sheet I then began to doodle around them.
I plan to continue to create some mail art so if you would like to exchange some please leave a comment and we can set up a trade.
Happy Creating Everyone!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Mail From Shelley

Two days ago I received my first piece of "mail art" from Shelley. She learned from my blog that I have been sick for awhile with Pneumonia and she contacted me for my address because she wanted to send me something to cheer me up (How sweet is that????). I have never spoke with her before, she is a complete stranger to me! My heart was touched that someone would do that for me. When I got the envelope I was amazed at it! She did such a great job I didn't want to open it (even just opening the top with a knife). Inside was 11 pages of a hand written letter, and it was wonderful. First of all, I haven't received a hand written letter in years - how refreshing it was to receive one from her. She is a great letter writer and kept me thoroughly entertained! Thank you Shelley for your mail art and lovely letter was very much appreciated. I am working on sending you one back!
Hugs to you and your family!
The ART of Hand Letters has risen again! Yay!
Happy Creating Everyone!


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Look Into My Future

Look Into My Future

I have kept the drawing close to me until I was inspired with what I should put around the figure. Yesterday I read through some of my poetry... as I have tons... and I took another look at my poem called "Look Into My Future". It is about having a vision of what happens the further you give your life to Christ. A renewal takes place and this poem describes that renewal process.
I only used an excerpt of my poem because I felt it was most relevant to the image.
Let me know what you think.

Happy Creating Everyone!


Friday, October 16, 2009

The Lord Lifted Me

In all my busy-brained-mind, I forgot to load this on my blog even though I mentioned that I had on the groups that I belong too. Silly me!
So... this drawing... Vicky from Everyday Matters (a Yahoo group) posted a link to posemaniacs website and I instantly fell in love! I have looked for a site like this for a long,long time without success until now. This site has numerous poses of the human body in male and female form (not graphic besides woman's breasts) but it shows you the muscles in the body during certain poses. It is fabulous! I did this drawing from the pose "floating" female. I do not know why I love drawing people but I am truly taken with it. The human body is so complex I don't think we can ever know everything there is to know about it... only God our Creator knows everything.
I love looking at the poses and really studying the muscles and how they are formed under the skin. The site also has poses of hands which you can move around a bit to get the exact position you are looking for. I am a huge fan of drawing hands if you haven't already guessed from my work.
If you get a chance, take a look at this site and you will not be disappointed.

Happy Creating everyone!


Rejoice In The Lord Always

I took out my Bamboo Tablet today for the first time in months and decided to play around a little bit. This is the outcome of my playing around with the photoshop program and using some of my digital scrapbooking files.

The other night I was feeling really sick, finding it difficult to breathe and I couldn't sleep even though I knew and my hubbub knew that I really needed to rest. I asked him to read to me and I shut off my night lamp and snuggled into his arms (as I am not contagious anymore)... and he began to read.

Philippians 4...
Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus....
whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable- if anything is excellent or praiseworthy - think about such things.

I was thinking about these verses and then I started thinking about the world and how people are today... it doesn't seem to me that the above things (true, noble, right, pure...) are on a lot of peoples minds these days. It takes work when we are in the world to remain pure-of-heart. With so many worldly things pounding into our brains from tv, media, radio, other people... it is difficult to stay completely focused on what is good for others and for ourselves. That is why it is so refreshing to study the Word... to remind us to keep our thoughts and our lives pure and holy.

I hope you enjoy it ~ even though it is digital.
Happy Creating Everyone!


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blog Action Day - Climate Change

Today is apparently "Blog Action Day". I received this email from Tom, one of the member of the art group I belong to called "Everyday Matters".

Dear all,

Today is Blog Action Day, an annual event that unites the world's bloggers in posting about the same issue on the same day on their own blogs with the aim of sparking discussion around an issue of global importance. Blog Action Day 2009 – focusing on climate change – will be the largest-ever social change event on the web.

I am going to try to make a picture today about some aspect of climate change and add it to my blog. If you do the same, the idea is to then add a link to http://www.blogacti onday.org


So... here is my page on the climate change in my part of the world, Calgary, Alberta from 2002 - Today in October 2009.

It's not looking too good for bright sunny weather in Calgary like it was in 2002.

I know it is a VERY rough drawing. Just my contribution to the cause.
Happy Creating everyone!


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Stuff I've Been Working On... Need Opinions

Just to update everyone on the homeward front... I still am fighting the pneumonia. Today is my last day of antibiotic #2 and energy wise I have been feeling really good today. I was even able to talk to my girlfriend on the phone without having to stop to take extra breaths every few seconds! The antibiotic is really hard on the stomach though... but I take my last one before bed tonight ~ YAY! I am hoping to be out of bed by this coming weekend as I know I have to take it slow so that I don't get sick again. I have a question for anyone out there that knows anything about Pneumonia... can it ever be a hereditary illness??? My mom was telling me that my dad used to get Pneumonia all the time and was told by doctors that he should move to a drier climate... so just meditating on that one as I seem to have a tendency towards respiratory infections.

Onward to what I have been working on...
#1 The Dutchess: I think this page is finished but I am thinking of adding color to her dress? Maybe using some H20's... the problem with that is that I drew her in my sketchbook and not on watercolor paper... or I might leave her the way she is.
What do you think?

#2 Lady with The Blue Border: I have been stuck on this piece for days... She originally had short hair but her face was too big so I made the face smaller and glued her onto another page... Now I don't like how brown her hair is... I added a few pink flowers to her hair though I am thinking I need to add more texture to it. I am also not sure what to do around her...
Any Ideas?

#3 Doodled High heel Shoe: I finished this one off from the ones I posted last week.

#4 Butterflies, Butterflies...: On one of these 'very boring' days I have been sitting in bed I began to draw some butterflies and it just progressed into a whole bunch of different butterflies. Now I am not sure what to do with them. Any suggestions?

#5 New Fairy: I am not quite finished this one. I still have to work on the background and add some finishing touches to the fairy itself. I added some doodling to her face and I don't really like it now and want to rub it out and draw it again... Am I being too much of a perfectionist?

#6 All Over The Place: Laying here has made my mind go all over the place with ideas and colors but I have too much on my brain right now! I drew this one and kept drawing shapes overtop of shapes and in rows etc. I am thinking of calling it "Creation" I am not satisfied with it.

That being said... I am not satisfied with much of my art these days and I'm thinking it has to do with "cabin-fever". I have been in bed too darn long! LOL. So, am I going crazy or can I work with any of these pictures? Should I put them aside until I'm feeling better before I really make a mess of things?

If you have any opinions on the above projects I would certainly appreciate hearing from you.

Thank you to everyone for all your thoughts and prayers these past few weeks. I am sure I will be feeling better really soon!

Hugs and happy creating everyone!


Woke up To Snow Covered Ground

I woke up this morning and went to put Mila pup out in the back yard and discovered it had snowed a couple inches lastnight. The one good thing about being isolated indoors right now is that I do not have to think about the snow or go out in it. I am not a huge fan of it! I would rather be sitting in the sunshine somewhere allowing the sun to penetrate my skin and warm me to the bone. I am really not complaining.

I don't think I have ever been a snow person ~ I attempted skiing once and really didn't care for the cold wet part (not to mention that that trip I almost divorced my husband because he allowed his friend to put me on the chairlift first thing before teaching me how to ski and I couldn't get off at the top... that's a whole other story), or for the skiing down a steep slope part and being out of control... y'no thanks! I am not the most coordinated individual and I think adding skiing or skating to the mix, well that just spells disaster - LOL. In fact, when I met my husband I agreed to go on a nice romantic skating date with him... I ended up falling and pulling him down with me (I also ended up tearing the ligaments in both of my ankles! LOL). I don't know... maybe I have never had the right teacher? I don't think I will attempt it again!

It is funny how God works... I know He has a sense of humor... I hate the cold and love the heat and sun. I usually get really sick in the fall and winter. My husband loves the cold and hates the heat and sun as he breaks out in a really bad heat rash and ends up having to go on steroids. Does anyone know of where we can live that is a little of both perhaps? LOL.

Well, happy creating everyone... I have worked on a number of things this week but have not had the energy nor the inclination to finish any of them. I am really looking forward to this pneumonia leaving my body ~ last day on antibiotic #2.


Friday, October 9, 2009

Dreaming of Arizona While at Home With Pneumonia

I know the title says it all... but I really and truly am dreaming of Arizona while being stuck, isolated in my bedroom with pneumonia! It is going on over 4 weeks now and I am on round 2 of antibiotics, not allowed visitors blah... blah... blah...
I'm sorry... I am not meaning to be a complainer so it all stops here. It's in Your hands God. Amen.

So Calgary... yep... we have managed to get some snowfall and I am reading some magazines that have really got me drivelling at the possibility that this Spring I might actually plant my very first flower/butterfly garden. As I mentioned in earlier posts I discovered this wonderful little magazine called Birds and Blooms and then one more called Nature's Garden and I am not a gardener but I have to tell you I am in awe of what some people are capable of - I mean the talent it takes to grow these gorgeous flower gardens is amazing. It is nothing like what I thought where you simply plant flower seeds here and there and watch them bloom and grow... no... some of these people really know what they are doing and have planned out each section according to height and color and depth of each flower... it truly amazes me! It has made me determined to perfect this flower growing business and so I am reading up as much as I can to see which flowers and plants attract which sorts of birds and what to feed the birds (all the while remembering that I live in Calgary and everything does not grow the same here)...
That being said I have a wonderful friend who is going to come over and help me in the spring to plan out some options for our yard! Yay!

I think this pneumonia has really gotten to me because it's made me think of all sorts of crazy ideas for the spring... for my art... for my house... I have had too much time on my hands to think! think! think!
Pray for me if you will that God my bless me with healing from this illness and that I will be on the road to recovery very soon!
Blessings to all of you creative people!
... still longing for the warmth of the Arizona heat, the smells of orange trees, looking at all the birds fluttering from tree to tree... dreaming of Arizona...


Tuesday, October 6, 2009



She lays on the vile ground dead in spirit... earth fallen free of life, wanting desperately to be free... longing for a way out!
Torn... broken into pieces... shattered even to the point that she feels she will never be made whole again.
A presence approaches...
Laying still, silent but for the pounding of her heart... too numb to be afraid or care that she is not alone. Her head aching from the ground beneath... eyes glazed over and blurred with tears. She watches two feet stop in front of her.
So tired... so weak... 'it must be one more person coming to judge her', she thinks.
'Like they can judge me more than I already judges myself!'.
These feet do not move... just standing there in the same place before her... they do not look firm and ready to judge but soft... so soft... they are beautiful and glowing like the sun. She is confused by them. 'Why does this person of obvious great beauty stand before her?' Her... a lost soul broken... damaged...
She waits for words accusing...
Not a sound escapes into the gentle wind this presence has brought with it.
Momentarily forgetting who she is a small hope rises inside of her. A mysterious knowledge wakens her senses building up determination from a place long forgotten.
If only she can gather up enough strength to lift her arm... if only to touch the feet that have emanated sudden warmth from darkness hovering!
She breathes a strained heavy sigh... lungs refusing to fill with air... all strength failing. In desperation she mouths the words, 'please help me' not knowing if this presence can even see her lips.
A light much like a tiny star falls down upon her skin, she watches as it sinks through her skin feeling it flowing like rushing water to her limbs... lifting them? The upward motion of her arms is unmistakable... they are definitely lifting... reaching without effort from her failing fallen body!
The moment the tips of her fingers graze the surface of these angelic feet her body is jolted! Electric currents of living water race through her!
A love unlike any she has ever experienced or received fills her. Tears, long run dry, flow freely as they wash over her skin cleaning the grime away, thick layers becoming smooth. Strength renewed in newness unabashed by anything in the world, now more than restored, race through her as mountains of adrenaline released have made new.
Joy... indescribable joy has conquered the darkness, the bareness of her heart!
She remains still though her spirit soars within her. Eyes flooding with tears again shed heavy scales falling to the ground with lightening, thunderous movement and sound.
The Earth is completely silent!
Even her breathing and pounding heart... all is still as she lays waiting... waiting.
With one flicker of movement at a time her eyelids open... a brightness never seen fills her vision. She is in awe!
Lifting her head now with ease she turns to look at the beautiful angel that has saved her... revived her from death... it is gone leaving only a fading glow in its place.
She stands and looks over her body for any sign of brokenness that just minutes ago enveloped her like a dark cloud following closely... nothing! Not even the scars remain to remind her!
Her skin glitters like precious jewels. She remains in awe as a foreign movement lifts her face... something that has not occurred in decades...
she smiles!

By Kelly Watts


Time for Some Zentangles

Well... I have taken my last antibiotic pill yesterday and I am still sick with Pneumonia - going on four weeks now. It is not great, but it is what it is and I am certain I will be feeling better soon! I am not going to complain!
With that said, I have been rather productive artistically speaking with working on some zentangles. These are so great to work on while lying in bed not able to do much, very relaxing even though my hubbub would rather I just lay here and rest (I can't do that... I need to be doing something! lol). So... my head went to work and I decided to draw some shoes and a purse (girlie things). I purchased some artwork in Honolulu when I was there back in 2006 and they are all fish with doodles in them... so I thought to myself 'well if this artist could doodle inside of a fish I should be able to doodle inside of an image that I really love'. I LOVE shoes even though my budget does not allow for all the fancy shoes I love. So... when you are given lemons... you draw shoes! Hee-hee!
Hope you enjoy my zentangle accessories.
Happy Creating Everyone!


Monday, October 5, 2009

Smiles On Faces Award

Thank you Fadwa for giving me this "Smiles on Faces" award. This is my goal every day that I should put a smile on everyone's face that I meet or for anyone who reads my blog! Thank you so much for sharing this with me as I am inspired by you greatly.

So, as Fadwa did on her wonderful blog... I shall share 5 facts about myself;
1. I am an artist who is just coming into my own (so to speak). I am finding my favorite mediums and objects of my affection, beginning to soar on this road of creativity out into the world.
2. I treasure my friends and always look to build up and encourage them above all other things, never putting down or gossiping about them.
3. I thank God that I am His child and look forward to my eternity with Him.
4. I am a mother of two wonderful boys who are very much BOYS and I am very much of a girly girl needing my girl time regularily!
5. I am blessed with an amazing husband who loves me so much he said to me just the other day that he would move me to Arizona one day if it meant that I would have a better immune system there (as I thrive in the heat and sun) (He is highly allergic to the sun and heat)... thoughtful so much he would sacrifice his own comfort to make me happy. (I could never ask this of him).

So I am forwarding on this wonderful award to my favorite five fellow artists;
(Click on their names to see their lovely work)

Thanks again Fadwa!
Happy Creating Everyone!