Thursday, July 26, 2007

Zechariah 4

I really loved reading Zechariah 4. The images that God gave to Zechariah are so beautiful... so majestic it is difficult to picture. As I was reading it I wrote down the each image that was presented to Zechariah and this picture is what came out of it. A huge lampstand (I pictured a pedastal), a large bowl on top of it, with seven lampstands with light or fire. Two olive trees one on each side dripping into the large bowl its generous oils. God is so rich and the images that He gives us are so rich and overflowing in abundance. He has that abundance ready to be poured out over us if only we accept it.

I did this picture in Adobe and then I made it into a painted glass picture because I just love the effects. The painted glass truly picture the richness of the image with all its colors.

Happy Creating!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Quarky Things About Me

I was looking through some scrapbooking idea wesites and I saw that some women did pages on themselves and their quarky habits. Some of them were really interesting. So as I was sitting waiting to get inspired I decided I would do one of these pages of my quarky things I hate or do. I started by tearing scrapbook paper. Why did I do this? Because I absolutely hate doing it, and since that was going to be one of my quarks I decided to go for it! This was a fun little project to do and it gave me an inspiration to do another journal page.
I have a challenge out there for all you other creative people out there. Do your own quarky pages and then send a copy to me and I will post them on my blog.
Happy Creating Everyone!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Pretty Flower Lady

I did it again... another strange drawing for the journal. I was just doodling while I was relaxin a bit. I had these flowers that I had bought (with my girlfriend Nancy) and I they have just been sitting ther for months not being used. I tried to think of something creative I could do with them and this is what came out of it! I also used Making Memories Scrapbook Shimmer Glitter ut you can't really see it. I used it to look like there is wind around her hand with the flower. I really like the glitter and if you get a chance to pick some up it is a very fine glitter that is easy to use. The flowers were 'Prima' Flowers. I colored them all red to go with the picture but they came in a variety of shades and colors. I think if I had girls I would have been able to use them for scrapbooking... but I don't so I use them to be creative in my journaling. That works too! As always... Happy Creating!

My Second Tree Painting - Surprise... Surprise! LOL

Late this afternoon I decided it was time to paint another painting. So I got out my paint gear, my acrylic's etc., and went at'er. I told my hubby I felt like painting another painting and he said, "Well, it's about time!" I smiled and went to work. He does support me very much and I am truly blessed with such a wonderful hubby. I saw a tree like this in a picture of a mural that someone painted on their wall, I wanted to paint a swirly looking tree and dress it up a bit. So... as my habit is I put in another 'chick'flick and painted my own rendition of the picture I saw. I like my vision much better because the other one was rather plain. I sponged the background with sea sponge. When I had no colors on the tree my hubby said that it looked like a painting from "A Series of Unfortunate Events"... I couldn't have that! I didn't want it to look gloomy, so I added some color to it. Yep, much better!
Happy creating everybody!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Rock Mosaic - Possibly for Kitchen

After the boys made their rock mosaics I had to go back to Michael's to purchase some more rocks for me to be able to make my own mosaic. So I sat down and spread over a canvas "Hard Moulding Clay Paste" and began to place my rocks. I didn't plan on any design because I have found that to be hindering in my creativity at times. I just sorted the rocks into shades and went to work. I really enjoyed this process, for one thing I am a sorter (I love to sort things into different colors - which includes my son's lego (which annoys my husband very much)) and secondly this placing of the rocks was a way to create a pattern that soothed me. I don't know why things like this relax me, I just find it so comforting.
After I finished and let it dry I had an idea... I went downstairs into our kitchen (which is of coarse in the process of renovations) and I placed the mosaic between the new cabinets. We have been thinking a lot about what we should do for the b
backdrop between the cabinets, wondering if we should tile it or paint it in some way. As I placed the mosaic down I knew right away... this is what I want to do for the entire back drop. It will be a lot of work but it is going to look amazing when it is all finished. It will give the kitchen an artsy look to it and sort of finish one of the last projects needed to be done. We are also trying to decide what we should do for counter tops. We were going to do granite, but have sort of run out of funds and so now we are tossing some other ideas around in our head. We'll have to wait and see and be patient for the end process. We are not really in any hurry.

Swirly Tree

I have been searching my brain for ideas to paint because I really want to do a mural in our kitchen and possibly up our stairwell, however I have been unsuccessful so far. I painted this picture lastnight while I watched the movie "The Aviator". I like it, but not enough to paint a mural out of it. I am really wanting to incorporate all kinds of nature into the paintings, all God's creations. I hope it will come to me soon because it is driving me crazy with my head being so full of ideas yet none of them the right one. Oy Vay!!!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

My Handsome Son and Me

This lovely little picture was taken at the wedding Ben and I went to this past weekend. We were able to get away on our own little holiday and Josh and Daddy stayed home and did their own thing. It was so nice to have the one on one time with Ben. We explored the beautiful hotel we stayed in. We rented a car and discovered the town of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. We had to take a small plane to get there (only 12 rows of seats in total - AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!) I had to put on my brave face for my son's sake but I really do not like flying in such small aircrafts. I was 'airsick' because of the turbulance - yuck! However the rest of the trip was wonderful. It went by rather fast because we flew in Friday night and went home Sunday at 6:30am. That is early in my world. I was barely able to keep one eye open. Ben made the trip for me, he has such a great personality and made me laugh a lot. We watched the movie "The Last Mimzy" which was a rather strange movie, it was good still though. Ben was excited to see that he had some friends from our church at the wedding and he barely knew I was there (meaning he was pre-occupied the entire evening). I was able to sit with two close friends from Church as well so that made it even more lovely. A very successful trip indeed. I was unsure about how to do everything such as check in at the airport and rent a car and then check in at the hotel (as my hubby usually does these for me), but everything went smoothly. I need to do more things that are independent of him because I know that I should know how to do many more things than I actually do know how to do. I am usually off in my own little 'artbrain' world and he fixes everything around me! Bad Kelly! I know! I will now go about doing more independent things! I hope! We get so comfortable don't we? I will try, how's that? Well, happy creating.

Monday, July 2, 2007

It's Wedding Season

Using my Adobe Photoshop I created this bride as I was watching my 'Chick Flicks'. This weekend my youngest son and I flew out to Saskatoon to go to a wedding of a young couple in our Church. It was a beautiful wedding, they all are aren't they? The couple wrote their own vows and this is when their true personalities shone through. Jason, the first to say his vows, on cue put his hand behind his back and snapped his fingers and one of his groomsmen quickly put his sheet of vows in his hand (everyone laughed - this was soooooooo Jason). When it came time for Amber's vows she grabbed her sheet of vows from her bra (really classy - but soooo Amber) Again everyone laughed. It was so nice to see a wedding that wasn't so nerve racking and perfect, this was full of love and laughter; clearly what weddings should be. The little flower girl (Amber's little two year old sister)ran down the aisle straight for her Mommy at the front of the Church, her Dad scooped her up and tried to take her back to the doors to do it again, she did the same thing and ran down the aisle... her father then (who was holding her basket for her with flowers) proceeded to daintily throw out the flowers down the aisle. It was so funny and cute and wonderful. Both families welcomed one another like it should be, like it has never been any different. We had a wonderful time as God joined this young couple together in 'holy' matrimony.