Thursday, September 16, 2010

Speaking of Color - How About Color Therapy?

Color... aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! What would this world be like without color????
Would we be as artistic and creative if we could only see things as black and white? Hmmm.... I wonder? Take a rainbow for instance... if we could only see in black and white then we would only be able to perceive different shades and where's the excitement in that? Colors are vibrant, fun, juicy and eye catching but they can also be used to change moods, capture moods, bring on adrenaline, calm thoughts and promote earthly friendliness...
Colors have so many great purposes...
With the color red I think of love, hearts, blood pumping, kisses... but I also think of anger, holding tight, frustration and flames.
Funny thing: I have heard it said that when buying a car you do not want to choose the color red because you can't see red in your blind spot (I don't know if that is a fact or not ~ but it is interesting no?)
Red is a bright warm color but it can also be a cold color if mixed the right way.
I tend to choose the color red when I am angry, when I need to vent, or if I am feeling "in love" and mushy. I do not feel the emotion of anger too often but when I do it feels so good to use the color red!

Now blue is a very peaceful color... the color of the skies when the sun has burned through all the clouds. Blue is most often used to depict water however most water is clear looking to me, unless we're talking tropical. It is calming to use shades of blue and as I was doodling the above picture I did have a nice sense of calmness in me. I feel better when I see the blue sky and tropical blue water so I believe it is a definite mood enhancer! I personally do not veer too far off with blue as there are only a few shades that really tickle my fancy.

What have you experienced while using particular colors? Do you notice that some colors effect your mood more than others? What colors tickle your fancy?

As always, happy creating everyone!



lilasvb said...

i like naturally use orange and yellow, pink and red
blue is very peace

ArtfulLee Designed said...

I usually feel peaceful with blues and purples and these tickle my fancy. Lately though I have been drawn to magentas and orange. These make me feel bright, fun and happy.
And there are colours that effect me more than others, but it depends on what mood I am in that day. Wearing bright colours definitely can lift my mood for the day.

Anonymous said...

I have been using green ink in almost all my pens for ..gulp .. 30 years now. Aquamarine and tourquise make be feel happy and dream, pink smells of the little girl inside me.

ArtGirl said...

i LOVE your blue doodle! wonderful!!