Friday, September 10, 2010

New Journal Pages and Playing Around

Hello everyone!~ I feel like I haven't posted in forever! I hope you are all having a wonderful week and are ready for a fabulous weekend. I myself am all geared up for a weekend alone while my boys and hubbub are off to Youth Camp for the weekend. I have loaded up on chick flick movies and puzzle books and am ready for some peace and quiet! I will miss my boys terribly however! I always tend to miss them after the first night, it's such a strange feeling knowing your family is out there in the world somewhere without you.
I was able to work on a few more pages in my Art Journal reference book. In them I have practiced with lettering, stenciling, borders, journaling circles and lines, shading etc. I was wide awake at 2am this morning due to some medicine I took yesterday interacting with my normal meds (I soooooo hate that when that happens!) I am enjoying working on the 6x8 size paper (which is 90lb cold pressed watercolor paper that I have cut down in size then hole punched appropriately). This size is much smaller than I am used to working with.

This is just me playing around with lettering AGAIN... I don't know what draws me to this but I just take such pleasure from this procedure. Here I play with shadows on the lettering!

Have an absolutely fabulous weekend! I might stop by again this weekend if I get a chance from all my hard work of blissfully doing nothing! lol! Hugs and Happy Creating!



Healing Woman said...

Your lettering is so artistic. I am taking an online class right now in hand lettering and have only had time to print out the lessons for future study. Have fun this weekend doing nothing and come back when you can to show one of your new creations.


donna!ee said...

you truly create some gorgeous "playing around" journal pages ... ;)

Janet Ghio said...

Very nice work with all your lettering!

ArtfulLee Designed said...

I just love your lettering. Do you think it is possible I could fly over this weekend for a lesson LOL. Great colours and shapes.
The pages in your reference book are great too. What a treasure trove of ideas you will have all in one place.
Enjoy your weekend alone. I love those rare times when i am home on my own. Play, create, relax and rejuvenate!

Ophelia said...

So amazing! I love every page you have posted! Your lettering just rocks!

lilasvb said...

i start to art journaling from a few days, i found it relaxing and cool, i like to visit your blog, very nice from you to make us discover new things

Creative Mish said...

Beautiful! I love how they look so dimensional

Phoenix Peacock said...

enjoy your girly weekend!

Mary said...

Kelly I am really enjoying your journal pages. Love how you write around a central focal image.