Sunday, January 27, 2008

Quilt Journal Entry and Fact #2

Over at Blissfully Art Journaling there is a journal prompt weekly. Last weeks journal prompt was "Quilt". They basically give you one word and you go from there. As long as that word is on your page you have followed all the rules. I have just joined this group, looking for further inspiration. So far I am quite pleased and I do find myself inspired more.

I basically just journaled whatever came into my head... don't ask me why I put that my hair was so thick that I have broken every brush I have ever had?????? I have no idea why I put that! LOL

So... continuing on from yesterday of 100 Things about me here's #2.

#2 Considering what I journaled today... I have extremely thick hair. I have broken every brush I have ever owned and every hairdresser has commented on how thick my hair is, saying, "This is the thickest hair I have ever seen!".

Well that was easy. LOL
Happy Creating everyone.

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Anonymous said...

What a work of art!! WOW!! Beautiful project!! TFS! :)