Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My Wall Climbing Monkey - Ben Page

My youngest son Ben loves to scrapbook pictures with me. Over the holidays we scrapped a whole bunch of pictures and put them all on one page. This is how he likes to scrap pictures of him. Once I showed him the technique of cutting out the people in the pictures and placing them all over the page to create a story, he fell in love! On this particular page we have Benjamin climbing up the page (he was actually climbing up our door frame - which Daddy hates but Mommy had to take a picture!) He loved the idea of the other "Ben's" grabbing onto the top "Ben". He created a story as he was looking at each picture. After we cut them out I had Ben trace the holes in the pictures (made from cutting out his image) and create an art page of silhouettes of himself to put beside the picture (I haven't taken a photo of it yet). I always like to put an artistic twist on things and this extra page of silhouettes of him allows me to do just that as well as capture a bit of his 10 year old mind as he colors them in! Tricky huh? I hope you enjoy this fun page.
Happy Creating Everyone!


Lauren said...

He IS such a monkey. Love the layout - it's so fun!

tyrymom29 said...

What an awsome LO WOW!!!!!LOVE IT !!!!

Kelly's Artistic Journaling said...

Thanks Lauren and Ros. I love my little monkey!

Anonymous said...

So cute!! Looks like a happy and active kid!! :)