Saturday, January 12, 2008

Men Wonder Why We Have So Many Pairs of Shoes?

Carlos By Carlos Santana
Giuseppe Zanotti Design
Annette Shoes Marie Antoinette
Jeffrey Campbell
Bongo Shoes (unknown creator)

In all my boredom this evening I went blogging for creative inspiration. What did I discover???? SHOES! I went surfing for cute high heel shoes and searched over 3,500 pairs. What did I learn?
1. Not many pairs caught my eye
2. I love looking at shoes but know I cannot wear them (high heels that is)
3. The funkier the shoes are, the better!

The multi-colored shoes by Carlos: the first thing I thought of was Arizona. I pictured a well-to-do lady wearing a cool blue blouse with a bolero type jacket matching the shoes, and I'm not sure is she is wearing a skirt or pants (you wouldn't want to hide these shoes with pants would you? Either that or a really cute matching sundress, big sunglasses and a oversized beighe round hat protecting her from the sun.

The Giuseppe Shoes: I pictured a business woman on her day off wearing blue jeans and a white blouse, I picture desert like roads and a jeep too... hmmm?

Annette Shoes: ...well I guess I pictured the movie Marie Antoinette (Kirsten Dunst)... I have no idea where else you could possibly wear shoes like these. LOL

The Jeffrey Campbell shoes: I again pictured a business woman, but not a high-powered business woman. More like a secretary with black dress pants and paisley blouse. Matching the colors in the shoes (light salmon pink, cool ocean blue) with her accessories, maybe a cool blue hairband.

The Bongo Shoes: Definitely high-powered business woman. Matching pinstriped pants, white blouse with a little lace camisole and silver accessories. Very neat and tidy person.

Okay... so I should never become a fashion designer. These are just the pictures I had in my mind the second I saw these shoes. I thought they were cool.

Please feel to leave your own comments here with what you first pictured when you see these shoes. I would love to hear from you.

Happy Creating Everyone!

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