Monday, January 7, 2008

Doodling Contentment At Family Camp Weekend

Before I went away for the weekend to a Family Camp Lodge I had a number of things occur that made me feel very ill-contented. We had a death in the family which was very sad and my computer crashed and I lost almost a year's worth of information. I should have learned to back-up my computer by now - seriously what a 'dumb' thing for me not to do! Anyway... as I was away I did some doodling on 'contentment'. I don't know how to remain content once I have achieved it from God - things always take me away veering me off in all sort's of directions luring me into the vortexes of this world when really all I want to do is stay on the 'narrow path'. I had a number of discussions this weekend that pertained to this very subject and I spent time in prayer and devotion. As Paul stated in Philippians 4:11 "... for I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content." Wow, what a statement! Nothing but the strength of God could bring him to this place of contentment.
After doodling and searching and once again praying... I have let go of the loss that last week held and I am holding strongly onto what God has in store for me in the present and future. Thank you God that I was able to let it go!
Well, happy creating everyone! I pray that all of your new year will be very blessed.

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Angel Wilde said...

I agree with you. Strngth and Peace from God alone could help Paul or US to be content in every situation. I prayed for you this morning for strength on your journey of contentment! God Bless!
And thank you for visiting my blog!!