Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My Word For 2008 - Blog Cand Reminder

My word for 2008 is "Contentment" . To try and be content no matter what happens or is going on around me, to never want for more. This is a very difficult thing in this world. I decided to do a journal page on this word and see where it took me. I think it is going to be a struggle to get there every day but I am sure going to try. To explain... my struggle is that I sometimes have a hard time in battling depression and right now (winter) is very difficult for me because it is not warm, and it is not very bright outside either. So much is going on around me that to get through the day feeling content about everything in my life, well let's just say I haven't reached it quite yet - though I am still striving. I am very blessed with a wonderful godly husband who treats me like gold, and two precious boys ages 10 and 12 whom I adore (I'm not so much adoring the teenage attitude but I adore my son). I do have so much to be blessed for that it should be relatively easy to find this contentment (like Paul found in Philippians 4:11 "For I have learned that in whatever situation I am in, to be content".) I will get there for the Lord is on my side and He lifts me when I cannot lift myself!

On a much less depressing note: Make sure you enter for my blog candy for it would give me great joy to give something away right now. Enter as many times as you like and remember the more you mention my blog in your blog and to your friends the higher the chances of you winning are!
Blessings dear friends.
Happy Creating!


mimihas5 said...

I absolutely love your calendar. May I ask where you purchased a calendar to later? You did a fabulous job making it. My word for 2008 is Imagine. I hope to be posting something on my blog using my word in early Feruary.


Darlene L said...

It is so interesting to read every one's word for the year. I have chosen acceptance. There are some things I just need to accept to move on. Didn't chose an easy word but a necessary one. Darlene L

Mona Lisa said...

I love your work for the year and your page!

Lisa Strahl

Sunnymommie said...

I love your doodling!!!!! wow!