Thursday, October 29, 2009

Just Another Alien...

Just Another Alien In This Foreign Land

A sorry place where my body dwells
Living in this world inside my shell
My eyes as the window to my soul
And what is seen within me holds.
Just another alien in this foreign land.
In this world but ‘of it’ I am not
Though here for awhile to cast my lot.
To build up treasures above my eyes
For the next place I go, and so wait in disguise.
Now here I observe and learn as I can
How precious every life beheld in His hands,
I watch and I ponder as I see darkness and light
discerning the battles of spiritual fights.
Not seen with the eyes but felt with the heart
The struggles of others until sorrow departs
Compassion and sadness fills me to despair
As I wait for our Saviour as His Word declares.
Praying through tears that the others will come
To know Him and love him as we have done.
We wait… and continue to stand firm and strong
In this world… in this sadness… where we do not belong.
Just another alien in this foreign land.

By Kelly Lynn Watts
October 29, 2009



Linda said...

You have a great gift, Kelly.

Melissa S. said...

Kelly, this is wonderful. I am so glad you are able to express the feelings through the Holy Spirit. It will touch many! Thanks for sharing it.

morningDove said...

i love your poem, such beauty felt inside a soul sold out to Christ.