Monday, November 2, 2009

My Community Pumpkin Walk

Last night the community where we live held a 'Pumpkin Walk' and it was very beautiful and such a fun experience. They gave out free hot chocolate as everyone walked through the aisles of lit up pumpkins donated from the people in our community. There were some amazing pumpkins as you can tell from the selection of pictures. My favorite was the face of the cat. The intricate carving of the skeleton coming out of the pumpkin left me baffled as I had no idea pumpkin carving could be as elaborate ~ same with the skeleton eating the mouse.
Next year my family vowed to take part in the walk and carve some pumpkins too. We don't do 'Halloween' so we don't usually carve pumpkins - but next year we will be sure to have some fun with it!

I hope you enjoy the pictures. Let me know what your favorite is?
Happy Creating!


Tammy said...

So glad you enjoyed your outing. Must have been spectacular. My favorite is the ghost.

lilasvb said...

i found all aff them very nice

Creative Mish said...

Wow! I love all the carved pumpkins.. NOw that I don't have kids at home and I give out candy... I miss seeing all the great decorations while walking around

Angel said...

What a cool idea to take pics of the pumpkins. They sure have come a long way, huh? Sorry I've been so absent. Haven't had much time to just look around the web. Hoping all is good with you! Miss you! {hugs}

freebird said...

Nice carvings. My grandkids all carved pumpkins. One did a surfer on a surfboard with a wave. Turned out neat. Your family will have fun doing this.

Hope you are over your pneumonia by now.