Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Woke up To Snow Covered Ground

I woke up this morning and went to put Mila pup out in the back yard and discovered it had snowed a couple inches lastnight. The one good thing about being isolated indoors right now is that I do not have to think about the snow or go out in it. I am not a huge fan of it! I would rather be sitting in the sunshine somewhere allowing the sun to penetrate my skin and warm me to the bone. I am really not complaining.

I don't think I have ever been a snow person ~ I attempted skiing once and really didn't care for the cold wet part (not to mention that that trip I almost divorced my husband because he allowed his friend to put me on the chairlift first thing before teaching me how to ski and I couldn't get off at the top... that's a whole other story), or for the skiing down a steep slope part and being out of control... y'no thanks! I am not the most coordinated individual and I think adding skiing or skating to the mix, well that just spells disaster - LOL. In fact, when I met my husband I agreed to go on a nice romantic skating date with him... I ended up falling and pulling him down with me (I also ended up tearing the ligaments in both of my ankles! LOL). I don't know... maybe I have never had the right teacher? I don't think I will attempt it again!

It is funny how God works... I know He has a sense of humor... I hate the cold and love the heat and sun. I usually get really sick in the fall and winter. My husband loves the cold and hates the heat and sun as he breaks out in a really bad heat rash and ends up having to go on steroids. Does anyone know of where we can live that is a little of both perhaps? LOL.

Well, happy creating everyone... I have worked on a number of things this week but have not had the energy nor the inclination to finish any of them. I am really looking forward to this pneumonia leaving my body ~ last day on antibiotic #2.



Tammy said...

Wonderful photo! We've had snow for three days now. So unusual. Wishing you renewed energy and health.

Creative Mish said...

Wow! It seems so early for the white stuff! We're having rain today!