Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Well I've done it! My first return "Happy Mail - my version of Mail Art. I had a blast puting this piece of mail together. I don't know why I haven't done this before. I didn't even know about mail art until Shelley contacted me and sent me her mail art which excited me very much.
I went to the dollar store to purchase all the cheesy fun letterhead I could find and I found a number of them. One of them had houses on the top and I cut them out and put them on the bottom. of the 6x6 page of the front of my mail art. For my envelope I used a 6x6 scrapbook page protector and taped down the side with the holes. This made a protective cover for my art sheets. After placing the houses on the sheet I then began to doodle around them.
I plan to continue to create some mail art so if you would like to exchange some please leave a comment and we can set up a trade.
Happy Creating Everyone!


Tammy said...

Wow, such fun doodles!! The mail carrier will be jealous. To my chagrin, I've never put art on the envelope; I've just thought of mail art as anthing sent through the mail.

Maer said...

wow am I impressed Kelly. I was doing this with letters I've sent out recently but I never had a clue that the art had a name for it!!!!
I want to understand the bit about the page protector....I don't get that concept....what did you do again??? huh??? LOL
Also that there doodling? well evidently there's a name for that too!!! Zentangles....some chap and his wife created that name...google it and he'll see his website.
Talk soon...and congrats on this...it looks fab.