Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Stuff I've Been Working On... Need Opinions

Just to update everyone on the homeward front... I still am fighting the pneumonia. Today is my last day of antibiotic #2 and energy wise I have been feeling really good today. I was even able to talk to my girlfriend on the phone without having to stop to take extra breaths every few seconds! The antibiotic is really hard on the stomach though... but I take my last one before bed tonight ~ YAY! I am hoping to be out of bed by this coming weekend as I know I have to take it slow so that I don't get sick again. I have a question for anyone out there that knows anything about Pneumonia... can it ever be a hereditary illness??? My mom was telling me that my dad used to get Pneumonia all the time and was told by doctors that he should move to a drier climate... so just meditating on that one as I seem to have a tendency towards respiratory infections.

Onward to what I have been working on...
#1 The Dutchess: I think this page is finished but I am thinking of adding color to her dress? Maybe using some H20's... the problem with that is that I drew her in my sketchbook and not on watercolor paper... or I might leave her the way she is.
What do you think?

#2 Lady with The Blue Border: I have been stuck on this piece for days... She originally had short hair but her face was too big so I made the face smaller and glued her onto another page... Now I don't like how brown her hair is... I added a few pink flowers to her hair though I am thinking I need to add more texture to it. I am also not sure what to do around her...
Any Ideas?

#3 Doodled High heel Shoe: I finished this one off from the ones I posted last week.

#4 Butterflies, Butterflies...: On one of these 'very boring' days I have been sitting in bed I began to draw some butterflies and it just progressed into a whole bunch of different butterflies. Now I am not sure what to do with them. Any suggestions?

#5 New Fairy: I am not quite finished this one. I still have to work on the background and add some finishing touches to the fairy itself. I added some doodling to her face and I don't really like it now and want to rub it out and draw it again... Am I being too much of a perfectionist?

#6 All Over The Place: Laying here has made my mind go all over the place with ideas and colors but I have too much on my brain right now! I drew this one and kept drawing shapes overtop of shapes and in rows etc. I am thinking of calling it "Creation" I am not satisfied with it.

That being said... I am not satisfied with much of my art these days and I'm thinking it has to do with "cabin-fever". I have been in bed too darn long! LOL. So, am I going crazy or can I work with any of these pictures? Should I put them aside until I'm feeling better before I really make a mess of things?

If you have any opinions on the above projects I would certainly appreciate hearing from you.

Thank you to everyone for all your thoughts and prayers these past few weeks. I am sure I will be feeling better really soon!

Hugs and happy creating everyone!



Tammy said...

My favorite is the woodland fairy - would love to see the wings colored. Also, colorful butterflies with doodled vines and flowers for background. May your strength return quickly!

Socrates said...

Alberta? Did you say Alberta? What are you doing there? OF course you'd get respiratory disease!!!! It's just so damn wet all the time. I live on Vancouver Island, BC. My neighbors across the street just returned from visiting there. It was -10C the first day, so they turned right back around without visiting their children instead of staying the week they were supposed to....
I think living there would make you feel depressed: snow in October!!!! Better get yourself some full spectrum light bulbs, load up on the Echinacea and the vitamin C, and eat real food.
Then move.
Virtual get well wishes,


Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

What's funny is I lived in Vancouver for 30 years... WHen I moved here it was nice and sunny and bright and it really helped with my depression. I got depressed in Vancouver. I would love to move to a warmer climate but my hubby is allergic to the sun and heat! Don't figure? I am hoping to go to Arizona in about a month! I hope it's warm there... I know it will be warmer than here!

Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

I love your idea about the butterflies woven together with the vines. I can't wait to get started. Thanks for the awesome suggestions.

Alex said...

Elegant! And mind I say, very European and filled with auras of royalty. An interesting phase and fairy tales have and will always be part of our lives regardless of which part of the planet that you're living in.
Great post and beautiful sketches. Again, hope you have a quick recovery!

The Gypsy said...

I love the doodle shoe as it is. The Dutchess, too; I think it looks great without colour and with the text. All over the place is great as it is, too. Maybe you could colour the butterflies, cut them and collage them into another piece of art?

Keep getting better.

Creative Mish said...

They all look great... How heavy is the paper the Dutchess is drawn on? I use my twinkling H20's on regular cardstock. I just don't get them real wet. I think they all look great and the idea of the vines with the butterflies sounds fabulous! Get well!

Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

The Dutchess is drawn on just normal sketch book paper. I guess I can try to use less water with the H20's... thanks for that suggestion.
Hugs to you

Mixed Media Martyr said...

I wouldn't colour your Duchess, I think she draws you in just with all her detail!

You could add lighter and darker swirling highlights to your dark haired girl if you wanted to lift her hair a little.

I like the doodles on your fairy's face!


freebird said...

If you want to add color to your duchess try colored pencil and then add a tiny bit of H20's. That shouldn't overwhelm the paper. The butterflies, as Gypsy says, would look great colored, cut and collaged in your art journal on different pages or on greeting cards. Mostly I think you need to set them aside for a few days and then look at them again. Most times what you really want to add or not comes into focus then.

It sounds like you feel better. That's great.

Ramona Davidson said...

Suggestions for the Duchess- color pencils or watercolor pencils. Color pencils take care of the warping problem. Watercolor pencils use much less water and if the drawing paper has any stiffness at all, you will be fine. My large watercolor journal is heavy paper sketch book. If I use watercolor pencil with just enough water to make them work, I don't warp. If I use a wash, I warp my paper.

raena said...

I think your duchess is wonderful, as is your lettering around her. I think I would like to see some color in her though. She just looks like she would wear color like she would wear jewels! I have a sketchbook that takes "light wash" very well. Even printer paper takes it okay, so I would think a light wash would work! (as long as you don't mind a little wave in your paper!)

These are all wonderful!

PS I lived in Boise ID for eight years. It is dry there and I think good for respiratory problems. And the weather is fantastic, not too cold and not too hot. There is a greenbelt which runs through the center of town, if you're the outdoorsy type.

Redfish Artwork by Vickie Fisher said...

I love it all Kelly! I hope you get to feeling better real soon. Enough is enough and hopefully this 2nd round will get you over it all. by the way, I love how you did the butterflies!

LisaC said...

Great work Kelly! You inspire me with your productivity. I didn't realize you were so sick though. I wish you a quick recovery. My mom has pneumonia right now... not fun!

You've gotten great feedback. My only comment is your woodland fairy. I zoomed in and looked at her face. I love the doodles around her eyes, but the other ones are too subtle I think. They look a little like pox. I would say to make some cheekbone swirlies nice and bold, like her eyebrow ones. Otherwise she is beautiful. Can't wait to see the final product.

And for goodness sake woman, get yourself some Arizona sun! I feel your pain... We are on day 17 of gloomy cold rainy weather in Chicago and I'm sick of it! I'm getting a case of S.A.D. I think. I can't imagine living in the climate you're in. Although I was considering moving to Ottawa once...


Roberta said...

Kelly, I LOVE your Duchess drawing..she is perfect in every way! I love all the detail! The costumes in that movie were astounding, and I remember when I was watching it, I put the movie on pause, so I could pull out my sketch pad and pencils...the dresses and jewelry were SO ornate! You did a beautiful job! Keep up the drawing, you are SO good at it!

perilloparodies said...

I love the lady with the blue fringe, the gorgeous, whimsical shoe, and those BUTTERFLIES make me want to stand in the midst of them... I would add folliage and brightly colored flowers and make them get lost in all of array of color, or sky with clouds and golden rays of the sun... or goodness, they could be traveling over a river with fish watching them from underneath... or... i am sure you will come up with something spectacular... great job.