Monday, October 5, 2009

Smiles On Faces Award

Thank you Fadwa for giving me this "Smiles on Faces" award. This is my goal every day that I should put a smile on everyone's face that I meet or for anyone who reads my blog! Thank you so much for sharing this with me as I am inspired by you greatly.

So, as Fadwa did on her wonderful blog... I shall share 5 facts about myself;
1. I am an artist who is just coming into my own (so to speak). I am finding my favorite mediums and objects of my affection, beginning to soar on this road of creativity out into the world.
2. I treasure my friends and always look to build up and encourage them above all other things, never putting down or gossiping about them.
3. I thank God that I am His child and look forward to my eternity with Him.
4. I am a mother of two wonderful boys who are very much BOYS and I am very much of a girly girl needing my girl time regularily!
5. I am blessed with an amazing husband who loves me so much he said to me just the other day that he would move me to Arizona one day if it meant that I would have a better immune system there (as I thrive in the heat and sun) (He is highly allergic to the sun and heat)... thoughtful so much he would sacrifice his own comfort to make me happy. (I could never ask this of him).

So I am forwarding on this wonderful award to my favorite five fellow artists;
(Click on their names to see their lovely work)

Thanks again Fadwa!
Happy Creating Everyone!


Tammy said...

You truly deserve this - always so upbeat!

Creative Mish said...

Thanks Kelly! You're so sweet!