Sunday, October 18, 2009

Look Into My Future

Look Into My Future

I have kept the drawing close to me until I was inspired with what I should put around the figure. Yesterday I read through some of my poetry... as I have tons... and I took another look at my poem called "Look Into My Future". It is about having a vision of what happens the further you give your life to Christ. A renewal takes place and this poem describes that renewal process.
I only used an excerpt of my poem because I felt it was most relevant to the image.
Let me know what you think.

Happy Creating Everyone!



MHH said...

This is so beautiful! Just what I need as I drift off to beddy-bye. Thank you for sharing this. XO

Angelique said...

Hi Friend,

I just wanted to leave you a note. I was checking out your blog, you are very gifted. I especially enjoy your honesty. I think it is very important that as G-D's children we understand and share the creativity. Funny enough I just begun The Artist Way myself and wow what revelations!!!! So many layers. But I do say to my Mom, imagine what it would be like for all of G-D's children to be released creatively, I think an explosion of anointing!!! Anyway just saying hello and blessings to you on your journey.BTW I found you through the blissfully art journaling yahoo group!!!

Maer said...

Not always do we get the inspiration to immediately finish our artpieces. But then outta nowhere, the inspiration flows. You've done this little lady great justice. I like the spread. and what you've written is so very true. Without God I am nothing. Well done Kelly. I hope you get better soon.

perilloparodies said...

Very neat how you can express what is in your heart not just with words, but with a pertinent picture as well... very beautiful image... FREE... Surrendered...

perilloparodies said...

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