Tuesday, October 6, 2009



She lays on the vile ground dead in spirit... earth fallen free of life, wanting desperately to be free... longing for a way out!
Torn... broken into pieces... shattered even to the point that she feels she will never be made whole again.
A presence approaches...
Laying still, silent but for the pounding of her heart... too numb to be afraid or care that she is not alone. Her head aching from the ground beneath... eyes glazed over and blurred with tears. She watches two feet stop in front of her.
So tired... so weak... 'it must be one more person coming to judge her', she thinks.
'Like they can judge me more than I already judges myself!'.
These feet do not move... just standing there in the same place before her... they do not look firm and ready to judge but soft... so soft... they are beautiful and glowing like the sun. She is confused by them. 'Why does this person of obvious great beauty stand before her?' Her... a lost soul broken... damaged...
She waits for words accusing...
Not a sound escapes into the gentle wind this presence has brought with it.
Momentarily forgetting who she is a small hope rises inside of her. A mysterious knowledge wakens her senses building up determination from a place long forgotten.
If only she can gather up enough strength to lift her arm... if only to touch the feet that have emanated sudden warmth from darkness hovering!
She breathes a strained heavy sigh... lungs refusing to fill with air... all strength failing. In desperation she mouths the words, 'please help me' not knowing if this presence can even see her lips.
A light much like a tiny star falls down upon her skin, she watches as it sinks through her skin feeling it flowing like rushing water to her limbs... lifting them? The upward motion of her arms is unmistakable... they are definitely lifting... reaching without effort from her failing fallen body!
The moment the tips of her fingers graze the surface of these angelic feet her body is jolted! Electric currents of living water race through her!
A love unlike any she has ever experienced or received fills her. Tears, long run dry, flow freely as they wash over her skin cleaning the grime away, thick layers becoming smooth. Strength renewed in newness unabashed by anything in the world, now more than restored, race through her as mountains of adrenaline released have made new.
Joy... indescribable joy has conquered the darkness, the bareness of her heart!
She remains still though her spirit soars within her. Eyes flooding with tears again shed heavy scales falling to the ground with lightening, thunderous movement and sound.
The Earth is completely silent!
Even her breathing and pounding heart... all is still as she lays waiting... waiting.
With one flicker of movement at a time her eyelids open... a brightness never seen fills her vision. She is in awe!
Lifting her head now with ease she turns to look at the beautiful angel that has saved her... revived her from death... it is gone leaving only a fading glow in its place.
She stands and looks over her body for any sign of brokenness that just minutes ago enveloped her like a dark cloud following closely... nothing! Not even the scars remain to remind her!
Her skin glitters like precious jewels. She remains in awe as a foreign movement lifts her face... something that has not occurred in decades...
she smiles!

By Kelly Watts



Tammy said...

You have many talents! This is beautiful!

Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

Thanks Tammy, what a lovely comment to read! Thanks for your encouragement.

Creative Mish said...

Wow! Very nice!

Anonymous said...

Very moving and profound! You should keep writing. Did you actually have this vision? It's powerful.
You are right, we would have been good friends if we lived in the same place - and we can still be, across the cyber space!
I've left you a message on my blog explaining that you can read all my English writings if you select English from the Choose a Topic menu at the top of my www.gypsyexpress.com blog.

Laura Kay said...

Very descriptive story. It holds some power. Wouldn't it be nice if once seeing "the light" that everything would work from then on.

Ashlyn said...

Oh, My Goodness, GIRL!!!! This is AMAZING!!!! I did notice a very few misspellings. But other than that, its perfect. You should submit this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I instantly had a vision for a painting to go with it. Shes on the floor dark and grim, grungy scene with a lifted hand, paint it so it looks like the light is washing away the grime. So, in the end we would have her reaching to the light half changed with the bad dripping off of her. If you paint this email mail me as soon as its done, I MUST see it!!!! ashmommyof2@yahoo.com

Big Hugs, Ashlyn