Sunday, August 30, 2009

Paper Mosaic Circles

I haven't posted in a few days because I have been rather consumed... consumed with circles and circles of my paper mosaic. There are times when something nudges me in my head and I don't know where it comes from, this is one of those times. I have had 'mosaics' on my brain for a number of days now. I knew I wanted to do one. I have only created a couple of them before. This one was challenging in the design aspect and cutting out each piece to the exact shape needed. I never do things the conventional way - the instructions for building mosaics (out of tile anyway) are;

1. Draw out your picture.
2. Create a template of your drawing using tracing paper.
3. Then cut out each shape according to your template.

Well... I didn't draw out my picture. I got out my compass and drew circles and circles and went from there. So... needless to say... I didn't have a template to work from either. In the end I didn't even come close to following the instructions especially since mosaics are usually made out of tiles and not paper.
It wasn't until I was finished a few layers in each circle that I came up with the butterfly to go in the middle. I am not usually a spontaneous individual in everyday life... in art however... it's all about 'flying-by-the-seat-of-my-pants'!

When I finished glueing every piece down I brushed a layer of self-levelling gel over top to protect it and create a glazed look.

Well, hope you enjoy it.
Happy Creating Everyone.



Lynn said...

this is absolutely amazing...hard to believe it is not tiles...
what patience it must have taken to do this...no grout either...wow!

Thanks for coming to my blog today.
I hope you'll return. I certainly will be back here.

Nancy said...

Oh My WOW!!!

Anonymous said...

Love your mosaics, I can see clearly why you were enveloped with devotion to these circles. Awesome art!

Ann said...

These are really cool! I can't imaging the patience required to do this though :-)

KZ said...

You did a great job on this page. I can't believe it is paper and not the real thing (tiles)

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love these, especially since I know I don't have the patience!

Lynn Fisher said...

Wow...amazing...I thought it was tile at first. I have to try this with magazine papers in my journal. Thanks for the instructions!

freebird said...

Terrific. I think I will have to try one sometime. That butterfly really adds the center of interest to the mosaic.

Anonymous said...

This is great kelly. Here's another idea for you: years ago I made a table by using a large plastic bucket which I covered in paper mache, painted it white, and then created a mosiac using the self adhesive synthetic kitchen "tiles" from DIY stores. Finally, I had a piece of glass cut for the top of the table and I painted the glass with stone effect spray paint. Everyone thought it was marble, stone and real mosiac until they lifted it! :-) I think I have a pic - I'll scan and post it with this info.

ale said...

hola kelly!!!!!your blog is wonderfullllll!!!!!!! l like it very very much!!!!for me was an honour to have your visit in my blog!!!!you made me very very happy!!!!!!!!gracias!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ana said...

Thanks for your comments and visit. I like your work very much. The butterfly in paper mosaic is very beautiful. I like your drawings too, especially the fairies.
I hope you get well soon.

Greetings, Ana.

perilloparodies said...

What a WONDERFUL and GORGEOUS idea!!!