Monday, August 17, 2009

He Perceives My Thoughts From Afar

I was meditating on my favorite Psalm this morning... I asked God to give me an image that I could draw out and this is the result of my prayers. I visioned myself sleeping and God perceiving my thoughts as I slept. This particular Psalm (139) is my favorite because it shows how deeply God's love for us really is... how He desires to know us completely... how we were made specially and wonderfully and that not one of us was a mistake (despite the circumstances when we were conceived). God loves us and wants a relationship with us... we need only open our hearts to Him.

Happy Creating everyone!



wordpress.com said...

What a lovely visual expression of an inner truth! Thank you for sharing and being transparent about your times spent with Christ. I'm glad to meet a fellow artist and believer in this journey of life He has set us on.

Anonymous said...

Ooops...wrong address! Sorry bout that!

Mar said...

lovely page
and thank you kelly for stopping to my blog and the nice left comment
my first visit here
so i need to venture through the postings
nice to meet you...


morningDove said...

oh this is my favorite chapter in the Bible too. love what God gave you. awesome.

Creative Mish said...

What an amazing drawing and love the scripture verse!

freebird said...

Great drawing. You made a great journal page too with it. If you ever get bored you could do ALL the psalms or all Jesus' miracles.