Monday, August 3, 2009

September Calendar Entry

I know, I know... this page looks very plain and boring. It will look much different when I fill it all in with my many moods. No, you didn't miss an entry as I have yet to finish August... the page I prepped for August looked more like a September if that makes any sense at all - LOL.
Over on Melissa's blog (where I get a lot of my inspirations) I fell in love with her July calendar so I proceeded with some of the ideas she used. Her's is full of words and beautiful images so it looks much better than my plain old September page... so make sure you take a look. I just looked at it again and realize mine is completely different! It's funny how you see something and are inspired and then realize that what you create from it is COMPLETELY different!!!! Somehow I switched around all the colors that she used and had them pictured much differently in my mind! Oy vay!

Happy Creating everyone.


Melisa said...

Looks good, Kelly! It will change a lot as you add stuff to each day. I didn't actually color in my days ahead of time. They were all white to begin with and I just rubbed in a little colored pencil or watercolor crayon each day, depending on what I felt like doing. So yours is already fancier than mine was at the beginning of the month. :) Thanks for the linky love!

Melisa (just 1 S, BTW)

Creative Mish said...

I'm sure it will look fabulous when you have it all filled in.