Saturday, August 22, 2009

New Journal Page - What A Wonderous Life

Hmmm... what has inspired such a different page from me... I think I was needing to change things up a bit... add a little bit of the abstract instead of realism... and a whole lot of color using my INKTENSE pencils. Those pencils were such a great idea for me to purchase... I am completely comfortable using them. Paints such as oils and acrylics are a whole other story... I find them difficult to manipulate but with the watercolor pencils I know exactly how to accomplish what I want. Hmmm... maybe I need to take a painting class using oils and acrylics... why am I so intimidated by them.
My hubbub looks at my journal page and I am searching inside his head... I know he's going to say it... I'm just waiting for him to say it... he doesn't. So I do... "I know hon... another tree!" He has a 'thing' about me always painting trees! I can't help it... they are so magical and peaceful to me! This will not be my last tree I know that for sure! lol.
Happy Creating Everyone!


Art is for the Making said...

Trees are great! I love drawing them too. I think they're wise and I always hope to capture a bit of their wisdom.

nanke's stuff said...

It is a wonderous life and a wonderful, happy, little painting! Well done. nancy

Lynn said...

This is a great colorful page! It just shouts with joy.

Laura Kay said...

This has such bright colors. I really like it. So inktense pencils are watercolor pencils? I will have to check these out. Thanks for showing me what these can do!

Mar said...

i LOVE love love inktense pencils
very versatile!
gorgeous page AND sentiment!!!
thank you fi visiting my blog!

Krista Meister said...

Kelly, so nice to come across your site. It is very wonderfully creative blog! And bravo for you for using Inktense - when they dry, it's permanent like ink, right? I can't commit to something I can't erase, LOL. Very creative image!