Thursday, August 13, 2009

My New Diet Success Book!

I saw on a "Composition Book" Flickr site that a lady had made a 'Weight loss Book" and I loved the idea so much but ran with it a little further. Instead I purchased a hardbound recycled sketchbook and decorated the front cover with this beautiful scrapbook paper I fell in love with and matching stickers that I just happened to come by as I saw the paper. I wanted to make a book that I would be inspired to write in everyday. So far I have lost 7 pounds. I am just beginning to write down all that I eat everyday, the calories, the water consumption or other beverages. I was using this program on my hubbub's Itouch Ipod to track my food and caloric intake but it didn't inspire me too much. Because I am a visual person I need something that I can see everyday and track my weight loss.
I was addicted to diet pop and that is a huge one for me to give up. I have now turned to club soda (which I do not particularly care for) which is better for me. I know that will help in the long term to get off of diet pop. If I go to a movie I have discovered that I can get a club soda (even though it's not listed) so that makes things easier. Now, what shall I do about all the popcorn that I adore eating while I watch a movie. I'm thinking I'm going to be going to a lot less movies! LOL.
This has been great for me because my back is finally feeling a lot better so losing weight is just an added bonus. I hope you like my inspirational cover to my book.
Happy Creating Everyone! Thanks for stopping by my blog.



Art is for the Making said...

WOW! I LOVE this book! I'm totally stealing this idea!

Okay, now I'll look at the rest of your blog. Just had to comment right away about this book cover. Love it.

themixiepixie said...

WOW! Your cover is gorgeous!! I would love to know more about how it's made.

Anonova said...

Another arting Kelly!! I'm so glad you stopped by my blog. :)

I love this front cover, so whimsical and inviting! I hope you'll also keep us informed as to how well this journal helps you with your weight goals. I've been digging deep for motivation on that subject myself and haven't found it yet.

Laura Kay said...

I do love the cover! It looks so light & happy. Smart thing to do so you'll keep comming back to it. Good luck.

Lindart said...

Great idea! Good luck on your weight loss journey. I've lost 80 pounds, so I know how good you begin to feel along the way. Your journal should help you, especially when you want to give it all up for that big ice-cream sundae, you can look back in your journal to see how far you have come, and how good you feel!

Arty Velarde said...

nice blog! and thanks for reminding me to count my blessings. (by your blog header)

kazumiwannabe said...

You have a cool blog! Love your journal pages and calendar, and the energy in your style. Beautiful cover page for your diet book!

Tyanne said...

What a great idea. I really like both the look and idea of your book. I may just have to make something similar for myself. Maybe that will motivate me to get started on my own weight loss journey.

freebird said...

I love the movie popcorn. I just saw on a website they use coconut oil. Here is a link to see just how much that popcorn will wreck your diet (it all depends on if you use butter or not).

I drink unsweetened iced tea. It tastes great and is cheap. Not available in movies though!