Sunday, May 3, 2009

Too Many Thoughts Equal Tornado In My Brain

We just landed in Calgary from a two week trip to Arizona... the sun is shining and we are doing good... why then is my head so full of stuff that it feels like there is a tornado working overtime on my brain? I guess the saying, "out of sight out of mind" really is true because I barely thought of anything when we were away. Now my mind is working hard at something... I feel really creative like I want to write a book. I am serious... I do want to write a book. I think I will get started this week! LOL. I don't want to write a novel but a book on Art Journaling. I would love to help others find their way through depression by art journaling. Yep, that's the plan.
Happy Creating everyone!



Creative Mish said...

What a great idea! You should write a book!

adrienne trafford said...

this interests me a great deal - i'm trying to do "art journal" as much as possible...thank you so much for your nice comments on my blog! xoxo