Thursday, May 28, 2009

Healing Journal - Prompt 2 GOD IS WITH ME ALWAYS (Part two)

This is very strange... I know I posted this already though it didn't show up when I came back to moderate some comments. Very strange.

So the prompt for today is: GOD IS ALWAYS WITH ME Call it ADDITIONS (as I see that the first one posted)

To know that God is with us even in the dark times of our lives is really important too. My journal page for this prompt is this; GOD GROWS ME EVEN WHEN I SLEEP THROUGH LIFE

I was very sick after the birth of my second son. I had post-partum depression. I basically slept for 4 and 1/2 years. I would sleep during the day and be awake by myself at night. I was too sick to take care of my babies or my husband. My husband did everything from providing for the family to being mom, dad, home maker, care giver etc., He has and always will be a God-send to me.

While I was sick there were a few very specific things that God guided me to do;

1. Read the bible ~ even when I was too anxious to see the words; even when I was too depressed or unmotivated to open the bible. I would sometimes just hold onto it knowing the hope it contained.

2. I surrounded myself with praise music. The radio was always on even when I couldn't hear it. Ephesians 6 states that we need to put on our Armor of God because there is a war around us, in us... everywhere. We don't see this war but we are always in battle. Having the music helped to protect me in the times I was battling depression, anxiety, fear, paranoia... lies from the Enemy!

I believe God guided me to do these two things so that I would always know that He, my God, my Heavenly Father was always with me. He helped me to grow even when I slept.

The scripture I found for this page was from Romans 8, nothing can separate us from the Love of God! Not even fear, depression, anxiety, paranoia or lies... NOTHING. God is always with us right through the storms.

I pray that the Lord reveals all the ways He is there for you, that He shows you that you are not, nor have you ever been alone. When we are suffering it is SO hard to see any light at all, but it is there. Pray for strength to get through and don't forget to put on your armor!

Bless you.


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