Saturday, May 16, 2009

Circle Of Influence - Journal Entry

What is our 'Circle of Influence'? A number of years ago now, our pastor preached a sermon on this very thing. It certainly reached its mark with me when I heard it. He spoke of our 'Circle of Influence' and our responsibility as 'Children of God' to basically maintain it. The circle contains all the people God has placed in our lives from the moment we were born until the moment we leave this earth. The numbers could shock you if you were to write down every person that has ever crossed your path! I don't think I will even try to wrap my brain around that one!
Sometimes God will place people in our lives for only a moment; and others a lifetime. Maybe the reason is for our benefit and maybe it has nothing to do with us at all! I have had individuals come into my life for only a season and then we have never spoken again ~ it was during that season that God's purpose was set in place and/or possibly established in that either I or the other person received or had given what they were meant to receive or give.
I know that with every person God sends to me it is for His good and perfect purpose that they are in my life and I will do my best to be the light that God has made me to be in order to be used by God to bring Him all the Glory.
When I look around me I begin to see people a little differently... I try to see them through God's eyes and I try to understand the reason they are in my life.
In 1 Corinthians there is a passage that says something like this... 'that we should comfort those who are hurting with the same comfort we ourselves received when we were hurting'. I know that I have received comfort in abundance through the years and all my comfort has come from Him either directly from Him or through the people He has blessed me with. My job now is to comfort those He sends to me with that same comfort reaching out into my 'Circle of Influence' to bring His love to all.
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