Saturday, February 2, 2008

What Do I Do With My Acrylic Stamps????

I was at my girlfriend Nancy's house on Friday, I haven't been to her house in a long time so she had a lot of things to show me. One of these things was the way she stored her acrylic stamps. She used empty CD cases and stuck them inside and taped the pictures to the cover. What an awesome idea! We went to Future Shop after lunch and I picked up a package of empty CD cases. When I got home I went to work. I didn't think I had enough acrylic stamps to fill the 30 cases I purchased but I did manage to fill more than half of them. One case can accomodate two small acrylic sets or half of a large set.
I am starting to get organized and it feels great!!!

Nancy has also posted another wonderful storage idea for storing your Spellbinder Nestabilities. She is full of awesome ideas so go and take a peek!

Happy Creating Everyone!


Nancy said...

Hey Kell... the plastic inside the CD case (where the CD would go) might be able to come out.... give it a shot. You'll be able to fit more in there. I know the cases I purchased had a black insert and I was able to just pull those out and recycle them.

Melissas said...

I just did this, too. If you pull out the center piece like Nancy said, you can fit 3 Studio G sets!!